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  1. sweeti

    sweeti Full Member

    Hi Girls

    Can we put a fresh choped Coriander in our soups???

    :) :)
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  3. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    That could be one in a grey area.

    You can do curry powder.

    Did Icemousse used to put herbs in or was that someone else?

    I would use coriander, but I'm not sure if it's technically allowed.

  4. sweeti

    sweeti Full Member

    Thanks Debz

    I have just tried them on the vegi soup and they r yummi :)
  5. sweeti

    sweeti Full Member

    I called the cambridge diet center and they said it is fine :):) so just put them in your soup :)
  6. sim94

    sim94 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hi Sweeti,

    Weight Care with Cambridge book (yellow one) says you can add herbs and spices but no salt.

  7. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    Cool, I love coriander

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