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I did LL ages ago, and when I decided Id do it again, I noticed how expensive it was, and knew I couldn't afford it. So I decided to do CD. Cambridge Diet is pretty much the same, without the CBT, and is much cheaper. Just an idea. :)
Hi snowmum - the cost comes down in relation to the packs when you start route to management --- so if you're on 3 packs a day you'll pay approx 3/4 of the price per week, 2 packs a day should be around £33 a week and then a 1/4 of the cost (about £16.50) when you're on 1 pack a day.

When you're not on the packs you can attend classes for free - go for weigh ins for free etc, you're only paying for the cost of the packs so the counselling you get afterwards will not cost you.


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These are the costs for RTM
Week 1 is reduced to 3 packs - costs £49.50 per week
Week 3 is reduced to 2 packs - costs £33 per week
week 9 is reduced to 1 pack - costs £16.50 per week
after week 12 it is up to you whether you take packs or not, but you don't have to have any and you can still go for monthly meetings and weigh in at no cost for the rest of your life if you want, you can take packs again at any time if you feel the need.
You just pay for the packs, not sure about other LLCs but mine will only sell in 7s.


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thanks for answering this for me too girls I asked on the RTM forum but don't think they understood my question, so pleased to find out cos was wondering about that

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