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cottage cheese


is getting better at it
after years of saying i didnt like it its actually not bad just had the morrison eat smart pineapple one.

have been thinking for a while all them years ago i made it up when i said i didnt like it as my mum was trying to make me eat it:p
i think this could be the saviour to keeping me on track when i have taken nothing to eat with me to work

has anyone else found something they now like which they didnt years ago
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Sprouts! Used to hate them and now I love them! Look forward to xmas every year just to have a massive plate of them. Dont do them at home as the OH doesnt like them :(


is getting better at it
why not just buy a little bag for yourself, thats what i do if other half dont like what im having which is not often, or i buy a normal bag then blanch them and freeze them


Nojo on the YoYo
butternut squash. Before I did SW I would NEVER have eaten such a weird looking foodstuff.
Oranges. I hated them and everything orange flavour but this last couple of weeks I have been eating satsumas. Maybe one day soon I might bring myself to try a proper one.


Slow but sure....
Laughing Cow VLF Cheese triangles - before SW I would never have bought any cheese triangles - Blargh!!!! - but, I thought 6 for a HEXA, that's great so I'll give them a try - and I love them, they are one of the main things that I buy every week now, especially as they are still £1.50 for 2 boxes at Asda.....


Nojo on the YoYo
hehe get thee to an Iceland/Farmfoods PRONTO missy! I think Farmfoods even do a variety that has real roasted chestnuts in it. Which would have to be synned, booo. But you could pick em out.


running strictly on fat!
I didn't like cottage cheese as well :)
Found yummy version in M&S which is not maybe the lightest option but it taste creamy and still not more than 2 points :)
I always buy frozen sprouts as only me and Daughter eat fruit and veg in our house!! I have them everytime I make a roast dinner...forget just eating them at Christmas time! Lol
Not so much since starting SW but before I was ill 4 years ago I hated beetroot and smoked salmon. Texture as much as anything. Now I absolutely love them and always try to sneak some in every week. Lidl do a big pack of smoked salmon for £2.49 or so and it's delish!!!
I never thought I'd like cottage cheese but love the chive one from Asda. Hadn't tried butternut squash before doing SW and i'm about to try sweet potato wedges/chips too!
One of the great things about SW is that it encourages us to eat all sorts of things we might not have tried before. I never used to be much of a one for cooked vegetables, but now I eat masses of them.

The other day I wasn't feeling well enough to go out, so I had to make do with what I had in the house. I cut up some potatoes, leeks, and butternut squash, simmered them in stock, had half just as they were and the second half the next day reheated and simmered with a handful of pearl barley. Delicious!

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