Could anything else go wrong?


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Major rant warning!!

It's barely 9am and already I am having a BAD day.

I still feel ill with this virus/tickly cough, but determined to get back into ss. I have felt really slugish and yuck over the past couple of weeks (prob due to all the blipping i've been doing - infact scrap that - blip is not the word...I have been completely OFF cd :( )

So this morning I get up and start to prepare my 'Christmas bags' that I will be taking with me on Christmas eve. I always make a Christmas pudding (it's become a slight 'tradition' as mine and dhb contribution, as we have no chiddlers each year we take it in turns to spend xmas with my family, then his!) Anyway, I had ingredients over when I began to make them in early November so texted my aunt to see if she would like one too. She agreed so I made another using ingredients left over. I get them out this morning and my Mum's looks and smells delicious, but the smaller one has a film of green mould on the top :eek: I'm far too embarressed to say anything so here I am at 9am, 3 days before xmas eve - soaking bloody fruit in the brandy :sigh:

Then, while getting seriously annoyed with beeping phone telling me it needs juice...I pick it up to switch it off, it slips out of my hand and the bloody thing won't switch on. I tried charging it and there is no life whatsoever. Broken phone - great :(

Sorry for the rant!!! I needed to release my stresses...:eek:
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Mrs Taurus

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Hi Emma, I have had a weekend off cd and I won't lie am just playing at it now until new year, and I have got a stinky cold and we have just got new handsets delivered to replace our annoying faulty landline sets........however am happy as Mr T now home for a full 2 weeks yippee.
Sending you hugs and suggest you get a strong cup of coffee or one of your nice teas to help you unwind....oh yep and maybe cheat and buy an xmas pud!x


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rant away emma - no problem.
Why don't you just go and buy a pudding, take the wrapper off and tell her you made it. Much less bother! - lol you can tell I hate cooking can't you!
Can you nip out and get a cheap replacement phone which will tide you over for a while until you decide what you want - or has a friend or family member not got an old one around that will do you for a while?
Cheer up - I hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean about the blipping making your body feel bad. I tried to go back on plan yesterdya but it didn't work. i am going back on it today though come hell or high water, nothing is going to get in my way - or in my mouth!


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LOL - I did consider buying one to pass off as my own...but they would know, and so would I! So wouldn't feel at all good about doing that! I have all the stuff in anyway, thank goodness.

As for my phone, I *hope* DHB will be able to fix it when he gets home. If not I will be able to use HB's old phone (he has recently treated himself to the iphone - men and bloody gadgets!!!) Not sure it's unlocked though...oh it'll work out! I've had worse things happen in life!


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oh emma dont you just hate it when your making stuff for others and its not gone right

yesterday i made cupcakes for my mums birthday ( her birthdays xmas eve and shes in a home ( 60 with severe alzhimers ) i was a bad girl and grabbed a packet mix insted of making them from scratch like i normally do, just added the cocoa to the packet mix and cooked ....... damn packet mix was lemon so ive now got cakes that possibly taste like washing up liquid so back to the drawing board, lol

treat yourself to a new phone in the new year emma, plenty bargins to be had in the sales


Going for Goal!
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made a homemade one - it turned out well so i'm pleased i did it now. You can't beat homemade christmas pud!!!