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Could have been worse....


Got to do it this time!!
....but I am still mad at myself! 5lbs heavier than when I last updated my stats.......but have had a good day today - am going to do 5 PP days this week - and hopefully by Friday I will be back to the 18lbs off! I know the weekend will be a blow out but I am not going to beat myself up before it even happens! Glad to be back in the saddle! :D
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Can I just ask - how do you know in advance that the weekend will be a blowout?


Got to do it this time!!
Because it's my best friend's wedding!! :love047: A proper Scottish wedding with all that entails - kilts, ceilidh dancing, fabulous food and flowing drink!! AND we are having a rare weekend away without kids - we are staying in a luxury country house hotel where the wedding is and I intend to FULLY enjoy it!!

I will try and make sensible food choices for breakfast etc - limit the carbs as much as possible - but I will not be carrying a pot of Fat Free Total Yogurt around with me in my sparkly wee bag - much as I love Dukan that would just sap the joy from the occassion!! It's a celebration after all!! LOL! :party0036:

So - I do know the weekend will be a blowout - I am actively planning for it to be one - because after 20+ years of dieting I know myself, and I know what I will do if I go with the thought that I will be Dukaning from start to finish - I will be miserable and resentful and that's not how I want to feel at this wonderful, joyous occasion - it's too important a day for that.:talk017:

I'll be right back on track after it and strict as anything up till Friday to try and get back to where I was because I am actually really motivated now that I have got my head round being back on track again. I have remembered how easy this diet is after 1 day back on it so I am chilled about the weekend - it's a small diversion in a very long journey and I can't wait!! :character00250:


Got to do it this time!!
LOL!! I will - thank you!! Was at the pub tonight for a PTF meeting - stuck to diet coke! :)

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