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Could I be in ketosis already?

Hi there, It is possible to be in Ketosis on day 2, I was... If you are in Ketosis then it dosn't matter what time of the day you test, the stick will just be different shades of pink...

Good luck hun x


Hi its me again
crickey, out of curosity I have just checked my wee. I am in day 2 of restart and have had 2 litres of water so far plus 2 coffee and 1 pack (having 2nd pack in a mom) and ketostix very pink...
Ok well my cdc explained it to me but I think from what i remember (i was in a hurry wanting to get away!!) it is the fat burning process so when you are in ketosis you are losing weight thats why its good that the stick is coming up pink lol


please someone correct me if im wrong (i dont mind)
There are three way in which your body gets it's energy to funtion, the first is from the calories you take in from food, once these have run out the body takes it from your Glycogen store in your liver. This is one part glycogen to 4 parts water. When the glycogen store has run out, the water that was with it runs out too, this is how you loose so much in the first few days of a VLCD diet, alot of it is water. When the glycogen has gone your body produces ketones to release the energy stored in your body fat. These ketones show up in your wee!!

Glycogen stores are produced by the intake of carbohydrate, so glycogen disappears when you don't have enough carbohydrates.

hope this helps, and please correct me if any of this is wrong but this is the way I have understood it.

good luck to you all xx

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