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Could it be possible????

I have been on Sole source since friday and have been drinking my water (4l a day)......had a bit of a row with my boyfriend over the silliest thing and it turned out to be bigger than it really needed to be.......as low and depressed :(as i was feeling I thought a quick sneak on the scales would be a way of motivating myself and getting back into a good frame of mind. It was either that or a trip to tesco for some chocolate cake.............as it turns out........big mistake.......I've only lost about 3lbs:confused:........was very dissappointed!!! Thought it would be more than that......however I had to tell myself.....getting on the scales was wrong thing to do as weigh in is on Sat and need to refocus and not get back into my old self (comfort eating). Glad to say I didnt make that trip to tesco and will not ever go on the scales unless they belong to my CDC!!!!

Tomorrow is a new day and need to concentrate on that.:wave_cry:
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did you go on the scales tonight?
If so then remember that in the morning your weight can be many lbs less than the night before due to all the water you have drunk throughout the day
and also, even if you only lost 3 lbs this week then that is half a stone in a fortnight. How many other diets do you know of that can make you lose that?
Don't worry MissTiny, just remember all scales are different, unless you've calibrated your with your CDCs there's no way of knowing what the difference is. The number of times I've had client come to me all disappointed cos they've weighed at home and not lost, only to find they have lost when they get on my scales - which are accurate BTW :p

Just leave the weighing to your CDC as you've already found how disheartening and demotivating it can be. You'll have a good loss this week, don't panic about it and you've shown amazing strength resisting cake when you were feeling so down. So give yourself a pat on the back for that and look forward to your WI. :) And don't forget to let us know how you get on.

There, finger wagging over now ;)
Thanks guys

I will definitely stay away from the scales am actually going to lock them away.......out of sight....out of mind.;)

Will let you know how weigh in on sat goes.:)
stay positive and if your boyf annoys you just tell him to piss off (lol sorry)


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Evening/night time weigh ins are a no no. You can weigh anything up to 6lbs heavier than in the mornings taking into account all the fluid intake over the day. Don't let anyone or anything get in your way on your weightloss journey, its sooooo not worth it hun. Hang on in there, it will be worth it in the end x x x

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