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Could we have an hour x hour thread?


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What ye mean hunni??



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I dont get it either .....
Well, instead of taking the diet one day at a time, taking it hour by hour (like on the cd forum). Was thinking of newbies like meself or anyone who feels they're struggling.

I just had my first half-pack, will drink them at 2 hour intervals. Am also 3/4 of the way through pint water. Overall I'm feeling good.:)
I used to think the idea of splitting packs was daft (just my laziness lol) but I must say it's really helping me today. Also think it dilutes the vits and mins concentration so I'm not getting such a high dosage at once, which has it's benefits.;)

Also bought some fibre clear which I will take twice a day and see how I get on. Will take the dog out soon, he's going stir-crazy lol.


Slowly but surely!
Im sure ill be needed hour to hour venting from monday too lol
Im sure ill be needed hour to hour venting from monday too lol
You starting/restarting on Mon hon?

My mind is trying to get me to eat. Think it'd be referred to as my internal chatterbox if I was doing LL! It's saying 'oh go on Lyn, have something, sure you can do JUDDDD instead, you haven't succeeded on any plan in the last couple years so you might as well eat. Plus you don't know if you will be able to get next week's supply of shakes or not' etc etc......BOGOF chatterbox, I am not listening to ya.:p
Cheers Eclipse.:) I've felt quite cold all afternoon, will have to put heat on again. Must put my scales on top of wardrobe where I can't see them and go by pharmacist scales at my wi.

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