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couldn't help myself...


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I had been in love with a Karen Millen dress for ages and really wanted to buy it, but it was £199 and I just couldn't bring myself to spend that amount on a frock, especially one I won't be able to fit into for ages!

But I saw a lady selling them on eBay (at a much better price!), and she said that she could order one in for me in about 10 days. Yay! So I asked her to order it and I waited. I didn't hear anything in three weeks so I contacted her through eBay again to ask if she was still going to be able to get it in. She hasn't responded and that was over a week ago! And I know she's been on eBay as she has been listing within that time. Grrrr! As if it would be so hard to say "sorry, I haven't been able to get it" or something :mad:

Anyway, so yesterday on a whim I decided to look at the Karen Millen website to see if they still had the dress in stock in the colour I wanted. They did, but only in a size 14. That's bigger than I had initially wanted, but I have been told that Karen Millen sizes are a little on the skimpy side and that it will definitely feel more like a 12 or even a 10.

And the best thing was, the dress was reduced from £199 to £99! I knew they couldn't have many left so I'm afraid I was weak and the poor long-suffering credit card came out!

But I'm glad I ordered it as I've looked on the site this morning and they don't have any left! Maybe I got the last one ;)

Anyway, this is what's getting me through my current spate of non weight loss :cry: what do you think? I'm hoping it will fit in time for the work christmas party, whenever that may be!

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I keep looking at the dress lolol!!

I LOVE Karen Millen clothes really do gutted when i grew out of all mine !! still have jackets & dresses from a few years ago but still very in trend!

You lucky lady!
Wow! Fab dress hun! xx
What a beautiful, unusual dress!!!! Just think about how fab you'll feel when it fits you like a glove and everyone gasps in admiration when you walk into that Christmas party!!!!! Absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!

Bad Jar

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It's beautiful! I think it was definitely worth spanking the plastic for.
I'm loving that saying 'spanking the plastic' Bad Jar - it really made me a laugh!!! How descriptive - I think I may be spanking mine in the near future and I shall think of you when I do it!!!! xxx


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Oh my god, it's beautiful!!! I REEEEEALLY want one!!!
thats stunning. cant wait to fit into karen millen. its really unusual and will certainly stand out, go girl!
Thanks everyone :)
I told everyone at work (and I mean everyone bless them!) that I was buying it and they all told me I'd have to start thinking about shoes too :)
At least I have until Christmas to find the perfect ones!
oh my god that dress is stunning!!!!!!!!!! -pines after it-

I've never even looked in karen millen as I've always felt too fat for it, but when I've lost the weight I may have to start! I found a similar thing with jane norman sizes, even when I was a comfortable size 10 I had to buy 14s from there, very upsetting!!
Lunavix - I have a friend at work who likes Jane Norman and she has exactly the same problem. Not good for the self esteem!

I like their clothes in the window but I've always known I would never fit into any of their clothes. Some day though!
Wow Wow and Wow!

Im so jealous but VEY happy for you...what a bargain too..who knows you may have ended up paying more with ebay lady....you'll look stunning in it I'm sure..xx
Cheers Ria! I can't wait for it to arrive so I can see how tiny it is, will be an inspiration to think I will fit into it someday!
Just an update regarding The Dress - it finally arrived and OMG, it's absolutely... hideous! :eek:

Honestly, words can't describe the foul and loathsome shade of dark green that it is. All the pictures I'd seen of it made it look like a lovely soft shade, but when it came out of the packaging it was The Evil Elf Suit From Hell. Or I could see a person wearing it as a costume at a St Patrick's Day parade...

I was going to send it back by post so I wrote on the returns note what was wrong with it: "colour is nothing like shown on the website, looks like an elf costume. Absolutely hideous." Then I realised that they have a shop near me and I can just return it there and get my money back a lot quicker. Hope they don't ask to see the returns slip!!

On a positive note though, I decided to try it on to see if it looked any better on a person, and although I'm currently wearing a size 18 I actually managed to get the dress over my hips and roughly in the right place. The zip has no chance of closing but the gap at the top was only about 1 inch. Couldn't believe it!
wow loving the dress chick and what a fantastic bargain. I just love it when that happens


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I know you didnt actually like the dress when you saw it..
But.......... when hunting for a dress a few weeks ago when I saw that one online at Karen Millen I loved it...... when i went in there and tried others on, I saw that one hanging up and didnt love it so much.. but on the internet I loved it, it came in a few colours too.
There are so many gorgeous dresses in there but you should wait til nearer the time as they always have stunning dresses in and by then you can get the size that will actually fit you.. x
That dress is soooo gorgeous and I love the colour!!!

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