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Could've easily caved in today.


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I have been close to eating today and that's not like me at all. I woke up hungry today and I don't know why. I have cooked a sunday dinner and usually it doesn't bother me but I tasted the gravy and that got me and then I had a taste of my son's pureed dinner and I almost stole it from him.

I've drunk lots of water so I don't know why I'm having a bad day?

Frankly I can't wait for today to be over with. Anyone else feeling like this?
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oh hun it is the psycological battle now, you will get thru it hun I have been there wks 3 - 5 and this is my wk8, you can get thru it just stick with it :]


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Hi - I have been the same this week, but i'm due my TOTM this week and this week has been hell.. but i haven't give in and its WI tomorrow - Treat yourself to something and have some ME time - i had a facial and massage yesterday to take my mind off the constant need for something to eat -- its not that i'm hungry its just habit - so try to resist and keep going and i'm sure it will get better (thats what i'm hoping anyway). I have also started taking fibreclear in all my shakes as well for the past couple of days and that seems to have helped as it makes me feel a bit fuller. good luck claire x

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One lesson I am trying to learn is that if I have even the tiniest taste of anything at all it triggers huge responses and I crave food - its like it wakes up my whole body so it cries out for food - yet I am not hungry - its a sort of basic thing. That's when drinking water comes into its own - keep sipping and just hang on, it will pass - be strong for your own sake!


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Taylor, i've been feeling really low the past week.....if i had food in the house i'd have eaten!!!
My TOTM was last week so i thought i was feeling hungry because of that....but a week on i still feel hungry, tired, dizzy and can't get rid of my headache...but, i got into a whole new size today, so i'm keeping going!!!!
I don't think its unusual to have low days....
Good luck x

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