Countdown til Christmas!!!!!!!

Thanks for that:eek:

You wouldn't care to go back camping again would you :p
Oh Isy....have a word love!!!!!!
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What do we do about the melting weather...that's what I want to know? My balls are burning!!! (the one's on my feet of course!)
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Christmas! Isobel your a girl who looks to the future, I can tell. Burning balls! This site could corrupt me in no time. My Mother would definately be shocked!
T'is the season to be jolly traaa li la la la li la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
HO Ho Ho ;)
LOL Isobel. You are crazy:D

I too am preparing myself for the big day.

Todo list..Don't not open until 24th Dec.
Christmas Eve: Do food and pressie shopping. Leave kids and DH at home to clean and decorate.
Christmas Day: Slog in kitchen, then sit in lounge and stare at everybody
Boxing Day: Put decorations away....hit the sales to buy what I should have received in the first place
27th Dec: Aaaaahhhhh Normality returns. Bliss

Repeat at yearly intervals
LOL Karion!
My Crimbo schedule goes something like this:-
August - December 1st - buy prezzies for everyone then forget where I've put them.
December 1st - put up tree and dex and buy more prezzies as replacements for those I've misplaced.
December 24th - wrap up all prezzies in a frenzy of paper and sellotape, getting into a really bad moor
December 25th - spend all day cooking and hoping against all hope that I get a new Prada handbag that will join the others on my dressing table cos I can't use them in case they get mucky.
December 26th - sleep - if I'm lucky - it ain't happened yet
December 31st - stay in cos of being billy-no-mates
Jan 5th - take the dex down and moan about being another year older
Jan 6th - hope that next Crimbo is actually fun LMTO!