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  1. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    As per the title, the heat is on! I have 6 months until im a bride, and i need to continue the work so far put in!

    I lost 19lbs before xmas for a big holiday, and sadly re-gained 7 of those bad boys (GRR!!), so now im working to get them off, and get the rest off too.

    I have to admit, i lost the 19 on WW, it worked for me at the time, but now i need something to re-invigorate and revive me, so back to SW I trot.

    Had a great on plan day yesterday, so hoping today goes well too. I will mainly be following EE, with the odd Red and Green thrown in for good measure.

    Tuesday 15/07

    B - 35g Oats (HEXB), skim milk (HEXA) banana, golden syrup - 2
    L - Mixed bean and beef chilli with couscous, ww yogurt, apple
    D - Salmon fillet with lemon sauce (from saucy secrets book - think its 0 as cant think of anything in the ingredients that is syns!), new potatoes, asparagus, broccoli.
    Will have an options before bed - 2

    Ex- 45 min body Balance, 45 min spin

    syns - 4 so far. Saving up my sins for a few drinks Friday night (not for everyone I know, but always worked for me!)
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Just popped in to say good luck with your weight loss journey on SW and your wedding plans for January 2015:love047: Exciting time ahead!!!
  4. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    Thanks Mini xx
  5. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    Good morning!

    What a gorgeous day, made better by the fact I am on a half day at work. Hurrah! Going to go for a nice long walk in the sunshine with my afternoon off, maybe 12-14 miles. I am training for a walking marathon, so will enjoy getting out there today :)

    Lost 3lb this week, v happy with that for a start :). More of the same this week please body! ha!

    today is EE again, out for a meal tonight for MIL's birthday, so will be easier to EE it.

    B - Baked Beans, 2 poached egg, big flat mushroom
    L - Home made Pea and ham soup, ww Petit Pan (HeB), apple, pineapple
    D -chicken Tikka (dry) starter - 4, Lamb rogan josh - 6.5, plain rice - 0 , 1/2 chapati - 3.5, 1/2 lentil dahl - 2.5 = 16.5 total. Will miss having a big old tiger beer with my dinner, and will happily sip diet coke or sparkling water. Have a few social occasions coming up, so happy to forgo the beer!
    HEa - milk in hot drinks

    Ex - 3.5 hour walk. will update with distance and cals burnt (just for my ref!) later on.

    enjoy your day xx
  6. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Well done on your loss this week - 3lb is cracking!! xx
  7. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    13 miles walked this evening, 1021 cals burned! Then I had the curry :)

    All in plan though so it's all good! X
  8. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    Good morning, what a beautiful day!

    Plan for the day is very salad-ey, but all very yummy! Had a lovely meal with the in-laws last night, or should i say - in-laws to be, and felt good to be on plan and in control.

    Today is another EE day.

    B - 2 weetabix, skim milk, banana (Hea and B). Still hungry as had that at 7am, so i think im going to get a poached egg from the canteen! :)
    L - Tuna and mixed bean salad, mixed leaves, onion, tomato. WW yogurt, apple
    D - chicken and bacon salad, mixed leave, toms, cucumber, onion, radish, sweetcorn, chopped peppers. Strawberries & WW thick Cream - 7.5 sins for the 2 courses.

    Sins for the day - 7.5
    Used this week 24. 81 remaining.

    No ex today as giving my legs a rest after the long walk!
  9. kfowler87

    kfowler87 Full Member

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding, I got married 2 months ago and I remember only too well the big build up!! I lost 6.5 stone in prep for my wedding, and got to the same goal weight as you are aiming for, so reading your diary really struck a chord with me!! You haven't got far to go so best of luck - i am subscribing so I can keep updated!!! x
  10. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    Welcome welcome! and congratulations on your recent wedding! you did SO FAB losing 6.5 st - was that on SW?

    I was 12st 4 as of Oct last year, lost and went down to 10st 12 for my holiday, gained only 3lbs on a 3 week hols (which i thought was pretty good!), got back to 10/12 and then work has been manic and i gained half a stone! OH proposed to me on that hol, so really the scale should have been going down, not up! oops! but with 6 months to go im really giving it a push and stopping being so slack! Would welcome any advice along the way x
  11. kfowler87

    kfowler87 Full Member

    Thank you, it was a long slog to lose the weight don't get me wrong but worth it - particularly when you get the pictures back - I felt confident and you could tell!! Since then I've really struggled with maintaining it, but honeymoon didn't help I am back on SW with passion haha! The 6.5st was a mixture of SW and WW, but I just feel SW is more long term!

    Can't wait to follow your journey, and get a wedding update fix too :) x
  12. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    That really is brill though Hun. After getting 6.5st off, I'm so sure you will get the rest of too. Seeing the wedding pics must have been lovely. We are just booking our pre-wedding shoot so id like to be someway to goal (if not there!) by then as it's Oct / Nov time I think

    Food to follow..
  13. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    So brekkie today was going to be carrot oats, but I bought a load of fresh fruit yest, so I changed last min! Defo still looking forward to trying the carrot ones over the weekend.

    B- 35g muesli, banana, strawberries, raspberries, skim milk (hea & heb)

    S - Apple, ww yogurt

    L- Spaghetti hoops, mushrooms and 2 scrambled eggs. like a brunchy type lunch. i cant wait - im so sad! lol! Chopped mango,

    D-out tonight, so my friend is doing nibbles before we go (now a BBQ & salad), so will fill up on the salad! Will have a few vodkas and will dance lots for body magic

    Will update on sins used for the day tomorrow when i know how may vodkas have been consumed! :)
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  14. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Ooh I want to try the "carrot cake" oats too, thank you for reminding me about those!! I'll have to add them to my meal planner sometime soon. Yum!

    Enjoy your night out tonight. Dancing is the perfect Body Magic :D xx
  15. rubyeskimo

    rubyeskimo Silver Member

    Popping in to subscribe. I'm also getting married next year, but in October so I have a little bit more time to lose the weight! Hoping I can get there by December when we go on holiday. Have you got a recipe for the carrot cake oats? They sound right up my street!
  16. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    Welcome Rubyeskimo! How exciting on having your wedding booked for next year too :)

    The carrot oats are a brainchild of Xmisskx's diary (thanks hun!) and are a HEb of oats, with 2 tsp sweetener and 1 tsp cinammon and a grated carrot. cook them as normal with milk/water or both...and add a TBSP of raisins for a sin. they sound divine dont they..
  17. rubyeskimo

    rubyeskimo Silver Member

    Thanks for having me. We've been together for 8 years, engaged for 4 and decided in January that it was probably time we made some plans! Have you got much left to sort out for yours?

    I want some of those oats now! Will have to satisfy myself with my ham salad and fruit for now.
  18. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    oh how lovely, have you made any arrangements yet? We were together just under 5 years when he proposed and the wedding will be just under 13 months after the proposal. we both said we didnt want to have a long engagement so cracked on with the wedding as soon as we got back off hols!

    We have most of the 'big' things done, venue booked, registrar, catering, music, photographer, dress ordered etc etc. Just a few things to sort really, i have enjoyed working through the to-do list and i have to say, havent found it hard or stressful...yet! lol! but hoping if we carry on in an organised fashion we can enjoy :) Hen Weekend is in Nov, gulp!

    I cant wait to see my dress again, but first fitting isnt until Dec! ageeees, but im sure it will fly round as the year so far has gone sooooo quick.

    just had my lunch, felt like a kidies meal, but it was so nice!
  19. rubyeskimo

    rubyeskimo Silver Member

    We've got the venue (which comes with the catering etc so all we have to do is pick what food we want), photographer, provisionally booked the registrar and there's a band we're currently negotiating with. So all the 'big' things are sorted and we've decided on some invitations and I've got a very strong idea for the centerpieces. We don't need transport as I'm getting ready at the venue and DF's dad is going to take him. The only thing I'm worried about it is the flowers as that's the one thing I have no clue about but I'm sure I can find a florist who will be able to guide me.

    I agree that this year is going ridiculously quickly! You're wedding will be here before you know it!
  20. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    Morning all!

    Had a wonderful weekend so far, quite sinful, but I'd say within my 105 for week, so going to keep the next few days very low until wi on weds. If I sts that's ok, obviously rather a loss tho!

    Today is ee and I have ya clue what I'm eating apart from dinner with is homemade lamb kebabs with wedges, salad and home made garlic sauce.

    Will drag oh out for a nice walk too.. He isn't keen on this idea but I will win! Lol!

    I've done a food planner for the week, lots of lovely meals planned. So that will keep us on the straight and narrow as I've made sure it varied and yum :)

    Rubyeskimo, that's great planning that you've already done. Like you, I'm getting ready at the venue so don't need cars but sorting out transport for all of our guests to come across in. So that is the next task!

    Have a lovely Sunday xx
  21. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    Late breakfast was a coconut Greek muller -0.5, plus some mango

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