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Couple daft questions i have to ask!

Sorry to be a pain but just a couple more questions!

I know that i have to make sure food is 5g or under per 100g and not to have no more then 15g per meal BUT when i work out portion size to grams i assume you add that up and not how much it is per 100g. For example if i was eating 50g of something that is 5g /100 i would actually be consuming 2.5g??? Have i completely confused myself???

What spread (as in margarine) do you all use if any and how do i work out the fat if i am only using 1/2 teaspoon amount.

Also a chicken breast grilled in the george foreman how much is that fat / g wise???

Thank you all i am just very nervous of making a mistake. I will get use to it and stop asking daft questions (honest).

Also does anyone have any recipes for a rice or pasta dishes with cooked chick ideal for a lunch meal?
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Yes, your right on the 5g/100g section. So the same if your eating something that has 2g per 100g and your eating 50g, you'd be having 1g fat.
I dont use marg. I'm not sure that there is any within the rules as it is essentially pure fat. I use a thin scraping of extra light mayo or on toast i just use jam or marmite.

I think Chicken on the foreman is still the same as cooked any other way (except frying) because its relativly low fat and not much comes out of it when cooking.

Pasta dishes. There is only one i do, but i dont know what its like cold. I use extra light Philadelphia. I dice the chicken and dry fry (or use fry light) add mushrooms and onions. I then make a creamy cheese sauce in the pan with the chicken. I just put the philly in and add some milk to help it melt down. I then toss the cooked pasta in it (i find the pasta being tossed in the sauce, same with spag bol, is better because it stops the pasta getting cold too quick and going rubbery).
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Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Also does anyone have any recipes for a rice or pasta dishes with cooked chick ideal for a lunch meal?
Boil up some bulgar wheat and cook in the usual way, then in a separate pan in fry light, cook off chopped onions, tomatoes, courgette, peppers, and also add some balsamic vinegar. You can also add some prawns too. Then fold in the bulgar wheat and you have a lovely tasty lunch which can be eaten cold or warmed in the microwave. I like having it warmed at work, but once warmed, also adding in some chopped beetroot and halved grapes. Keeps me going for the afternoon!

everything has to be under 5 grams of fat per a hundred grams. this is right to a degree but say if 100g is 6.2g of fat and you only eat 50g so its 3.1g of fat.. this wouldnt be right always make sure its under 5g per 100g :).. and you can then divide by whatever to ensure your meals.

i think a chicken breast is about 3g of fat maybe 3.2g's try turkey breast steak its lower and tasty to x
Thank you Passiflora sounds yummy. Will give it a go X

Thanks Pink Punkstarr. Thats what i thought but i had been working out what i could and couldnt eat for hours and starign at fat contents that i ended up confusing myself :cry:

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