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Couple of CD questions...

I'm currently on Lipotrim TFR and doing well. I like it; the VLCD suits me and I haven't struggled to stick to it. I am fortunate in that I like the shakes a lot. I know there's not a lot of variety, but even after 6 weeks I'm not bored with mainly having 3 flavours of shakes plus the odd soup or flapjack.

However, my closest pharmacy is 24 miles away and I can only go on a Saturday due to their opening hours and my working hours. This is a bit of a pain as it instantly swallows up a large chunk of my morning, to say nothing of fuel costs, and restricts me a bit regarding making weekend plans. I have found a CD consultant who lives 4 miles from me - I would drive past her house every day anyway, so if she did evening appointments I could totally free up my weekends.

I have a couple of questions; once on SS (which I'd be eligible for as I am BMI 25 plus 1st 11lbs currently) is there a cut off for stopping? Do you have to move onto step 2 as soon as your BMI reaches 25? In an ideal world I'd stay SS to BMI 23-ish which means losing another 2st 5lbs. This should take me about 10 weeks, so is within the 12 week frame.

My other concern is cost. With LT there is a set price (£36 per week, so 21 servings for women) but I'm aware that on CD, each product is priced up differently. I appreciate it may vary slightly, but could people give me an idea of what they pay per shake / porridge / bar? (I'd probably not bother with soups anyway). What would you typically pay for 21 servings of a variety of products?

Anything else I should consider when thinking about changing? My sister is on CD 810 and I've compared nutritional values, calories etc of products (all the same!) and she swapped me a mint choc shake which I liked (tasted virtually the same as LT to be honest!)
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please try again
you must move up to the 810 plan when your bmi reaches 25
810 is a good plan

i pay £38.85 for my 21 products a week but as cdc's are self employed they can charge what they wish

i only have choc mint shakes, porridges are the same price ( £1.85 ) with bars and tetras a tad more ( £2.00 )


please try again
hey :) I swapped from LT to CD too :)
I am not 100% sure about your first question , I am not sure when they recommend you move to a higher plan ( although you still get 3 products a day and the 'food' option is then up to you , they may recommend you do a higher plan but cannot enforce it if you get me .. not recommedning you lie .. but ... )

as for cost , it works out slightly more than LT .. I tend to have 2 shakes and 1 bar a day ( OMG they are amazing , especially compared to the LT flapjacks !!) and I pay approx £39 a week so not much different .
The one thing I did find is that the shakes don't fill me quite as much as the LT did ... but this means I fill up more on water .. so not a bad thing !! I also think the plans offer more support when refeeding than LT
I would say with your distance issues , any slight increase in price for the shakes will be regained from not having to travel so far !!!

Good luck in deciding what to do .. it took me a while to decide to change !!!
I noticed that to START the SS you have to be BMI 25 plus 1 stone minimum, but it isn't clear online when you have to stop. Determinator, I had thought that about the 810 plan... not that I would ever lie, of course!!

My fuel costs to the LT pharmacy are about £6 per week, so yes the extra £3 wouldn't be an issue necessarily. Definitely something to think about!

Any more thoughts welcomed, thank you!


Now Maintaining :)
My BMI is under 25 and I am still doing Sole Source. My consultant hasn't said anything about me moving up to the 810 plan, and to be honest I don't want to.


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Ah Hun go for it!

I'm a veteran lipotrimmer and am
bow having to do cd due to the LT refeed plan being crapp (as well as baby weight)

I know I will suceed on this plan - the support is fantastic!

And to save hours of Saturday morning driving do it!

Mine is £37 a week xx


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I pay £40 a week for porrige , shakes and soups but i also get a copuple extra just in case .
Thanks all, I've emailed my closest CDC with a couple of questions and to try and organise an initial consult / chat so will see what happens!

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