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couple of days WS

Ive decided from today im having acouple of days WS. I have a meal out tonight but will be healthy about it, a lunch date tomorrow and have got friends round for drinks on sat. Normally a weekend with those plans id consume more calories/carbs than id liek to mention so the challenge is to make the right choices.....and ive limited myself to 4 vodkas on sat. Will maybe affect weightloss, but as long as i can do this sensibly i'll be very happy

Seems mad to even think about making those plans on this diet, but trust me, i stay in for months on end with no meals out, nights out.....this months just seems to be a busy one, so i dont want to not go and miss out :( hehe x
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it's great that you're doing it the good way, just watch your boozy pop, I know I'd eat the hind leg off a donkey when I've had a few, I did cambridge three years ago and did christmas and my birthday, I just had a slice of turkey and three brussel sprouts for christmas dinner.

The nicest feeling is going out for a meal and not feeling so full you feel ill after xx see you next week, I bet you'll be on for a loss still if you're sensible
I seem to be ok with alcohol. Im more a smoker when drinking, not an eater....so should be ok! If i stick to low carb meals i should be fine. Weigh in on saturday so time will tell, but my scales are already showin 3lbs loss, and to be honest with a weekend like this planned, if i could lose 2-3 id be well happy xx
Such a positive mindset to have! :D

I find planning what I'm going to have before I go somewhere helps. Try and get a menu online, or if it's a pub lunch I try and think of what the options will be. (Salads, mixed grills etc) I always have to, otherwise I get there and I end up feeling naughty and cheat!! :confused: Happened to me last week, we went for a pub lunch and as soon as I saw the nice menu I flaked!! Best to get someone else to look for you and give them options of what you CAN have :) If I'd gone in there thinking about a chicken salad, and thinking about it being yum I'd have ordered that!! But I peeked at the treats and they got the better of me. :mad:

Tomorrow I've got friends over and apparently it's a great idea to get a takeaway (Yer cheers "mates") haha. Going to have a chicken kebab without the pitta. And sunday I have another pub lunch so going to have a salad. Might not be fully 100% allowed on WS, but MUCH better than having BAD EVIL NAUGHTY food... on won't knock you out of ketotsis if you stick to keto rules. Good luck and hope you have fun :) xx

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