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couple of questions on weightwatcher 0pts etc

hi everyone reading :)

just been reading through alot of threads this morning and something popped into my head... for the tings that r 0 pts example sugar free jelly... diet drinks etc i mean if u sat and filled up on these all day ((nt that u wuld butt) wuld it still b o pts ... wat if u had bout 3 enormous servings of 0 point say for example the 0pt soup all day wuld u serriously not have 2 point it in some way??

the second ting was point values on thins so i have notice some say 30g portions of tings being 1pt but the 60g portion is2.5 pts were if i had 2 of the 30g portions i wuld be counting it as 2pts as i no the value of one but there is actually an extra 0.5 ot there somewere!!! im sooo confused if i have 2 of something instead of just doubling ill b doing it wrong!

and last ting ((by the way im just currious bout all these tings)) say for a week u were just not urself not wanting to eat proper food but u used ur points values on crisps chocolates etc but stayed withing ur points uld u still loose weight??

not that i would do it just really interested to no the hole in and out of ww...any help much appreciated :eek:
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Yes it would still be zero points, if its zero points its zero points no matter how much you had.

I see what you are saying regarding the second point, its one of those anomolies - I personally would say if over the course of the day you have 60g of a certain food then I would point it at 2.5 points, better to err on the side of caution. It does work the other way as well sometimes, 1 medium egg is 1.5 points for 2 are 2.5 points!
The reason that it works things out like that is because it rounds the point value up or down, depending on how what the number is. For example is 30g of one food actually may be listed as 1 point, when actually it's 0.75, so when you have 60g it's closer to 1.5 points, rather than 2.
ok more understanding now thanks girls... but still confused a tiny bit cuz when i work out the point of something and i have two of that something i assume to just double the points! in the weightwatchers book they just do one portion amount but dont explain that if u have double the portion it might not be double the points it could have an exra one in there ... actually im right back down to being so confused lmaoooo
ahhhhh right good idea!! thanks girls... wow uz really know ur stuff .. sorry for all the questions fairly new to all this again!

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