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Courgette binge!!


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Moved up to 810 last Thursday and yesterday morning broke into the 11s (but only just:D). My dear old mum decided to have a family BBQ and although i didn't eat any cr**p, i must've overdosed on some mushroom and courgette as i woke up this morning and had gained 1.5lbs!!!!!!:mad: I know it's not fat gain but hope it's off by tomorrow - that'll teach me to have a courgette binge!! (s'pose it makes a change from a chocolate and crisp one!!:p)

So that is that - am not eating anything more than i am allowed until i'm back eating normally!!
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I have a full vegetable garden with loads of lovely veg, courgettes, mangetout, tomatoes etc coming through and it is hell not being able to touch any of them. Was hoping that I could have a small meal at the weekend of chicken and mangetout and courgettes. How can you binge out on veg, I would have thought that green veg was OK?


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I think it was because you're only supposed to have 3 tbsp of the veg (gradually upping carbs and all that!!)and i had rather a bit more than that!!:D
It'll either be water, dropping out of Ketosis, or all that extra 'stuff' in you waiting to come out:eek::D

Whichever it is, you KNOW you can't have put weight on by eating that food!. If you get back onto plan, then it will disappear before your next weigh in.

But well done on only having the 'allowed' foods!. And isn't it great being able to have a BBQ now?:)


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I think you may be right, Dino;). Ahem, sorry about TMI:sick0019: but the increase in food has certainly changed the activity in the toilet department:D. (At least i'm now more regular!!)
Hi JaxieD why have you gone up to 810??? Did your cdc put you up because you had reached a certain weight loss or a lower bmi??? I'm just curious as I'm trying to find out how, when and why we get moved up, as my cdc mentioned me going up soon and I'm a bit in the dark at what stage we move and you are still loosing on 810 so that another of my questioned answered, well done on your weight loss so far and good luck getting to goal. And enjoy that food. XX


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Hi Susie, Have answered your question on the "worried about eating again" thread:D. Normally i think (and don't quote me!!) if you're at BMI 25 plus 1 stone (???) you can move up to 810, or something like that. I'm going up plans early to prepare for my hols in 3 weeks time!! Will be back on CD when i come back;)

(the added poundage from courgette binge, i am pleased to say has now dispersed - one way or other:sign0131::eek:


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I have to say that i have really found the 810 easy, even compared to SS+. Haven;t been one bit hungry and the added bonus of being able to drink 12oz milk is just sheer luxury!! (milky coffee - yum!!:drool:). So don't worry about it too much!! I think when i get back from hols SS+ might get elbowed outta the way to make way for 810 - but we shall see. (Methinks it will be a struggle to do any of the diets after 2 weeks in Lanzarote:() That's a way off yet so am just enjoying the extra luxuries at present!!

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