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Couteaux - back on track!

Well, I am back at last. I had my little girl last month, she's one month old today and I am feeling ready to lose all 3 stone I have gained during my pregnancy!!

She was worth every lb I gained though and we're thrilled. However, I can't wait to get out of these maternity clothes and back into all the things I could wear this time last year.

I'll be going it alone from home until the New Year and will then get back to class once baby has settled into a routine :).

I'm partly breast feeding, so having a couple extra HE's but not the full 4 due to having some formula too.


Breakfast: HEB Porridge (28g) and milk (HEA)

Mid morning: Banana, 2x bread (HEB) & 2x eggs

Lunch: Jacket potato & beans

Snack: Satsumas & kiwi

Dinner: Veg stirfry & noodles with oyster sauce (2 syns)

Not sure how to use my syns yet. Not drinking and would rather not have chocs etc for a little while. Might add some into my meals..
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Welcome back and congratulations on the birth of your daughter:flowers:

Best of luck with your SW journey.
Thanks Mini :D

Oh gosh - that getting back on track lasted a day!! Well, Christmas is over and I've not really enjoyed anything I have eaten, definitely just eating for the sake of it. I got my mum to take some pictures of me yesterday so that I have a record of my starting weight - I always regret not having any to see how much weight I have lost. They are not my finest pics but very honest.. :(

I'll be starting back at class tonight and am actually really looking forward to it. I'm so annoyed with myself that I have gained so much over the last few months and looking back at pictures of me this time last year - wow, I looked so much better, more confident and I am very cross that I went so mad with food during the pregnancy.

Anyhoo - I'll be doing EE again and can't wait!!

Breakfast was porridge but not on plan, am just starting now :)

Snack - apple & clementine

Lunch - Mugshot & banana

Dinner - Spaghetti bolognese & salad, slice of ham
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Oooh day 2! Woke up feeling glad to be back on plan and feeling very motivated. I have stocked us up with loads of fresh fruit and veggies so there are no excuses now!

Breakfast: 28g porridge, 1 scan bran and banana

Snack: Fruit salad - Mango, papaya, grapes & pineapple

Lunch: Smoked salmon & minestrone soup

Dinner: Salmon fillets, cous cous & roasted courgettes, BNS, red onions & brocolli

Syns - Didn't have any syns in the end, went to bed before 9. The joy of newborns ;)
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dont beat yourself up about the pregnancy weight. i also put on a lot.... i was 3 and a half stone after having my little girl. i know where i went wrong, i was hungry all the time and i ate what i wanted. i remember having a full pizza for lunch a few times because i was that hungry. also as soon as i found out i was having a girl (20 weeks) its like i had to live up to the girls make you crave sweet stuff old wives tale - as suddenly i wanted cake and biscuits all the time.

i didnt start trying to lose weight til my little one was 5 months and to be honest if i wasnt breast feeding i would have been the size of a house as i ate soooo much.

just take it one week at a time, it took 9 months to come on and therefore should take about the same to come off (thats what they say- i did it slowly and it took me 18 months).

if you are struggling to use your syns as choc or alcohol (thats how i mainly use mine) you could add a bit of cheese to a dish (grated cheese over pasta or chilli really lifts it). or if you make a cooked breakfast add a sausage.... or you could always use some olive oil when cooking...

and your meal today sounds lovely. :) i am having a flexible syn day *shouldnt really as over induldged over xmas but we are having new year with friends and although we are cooking (chilli with rice and slimming world wedges with some grated cheese) and then nachos on the side (not going to have them).

they are bringing something for desert though so we will see how naughty it is. then we have plenty of wine and cava for when it turns midnight. :)
Thanks so much for the reply geordie_lass21 :) Your pregnancy sounds very similar to mine! I never normally have cakes etc, but started buying them and would enjoy big chunks along with chocolates. I know exactly where my 3+ stone came from ;)

Good idea re using the syns in meals. I need to have a proper think and plan them in as I am so used to having them as a glass of wine etc but won't be doing that for a while and need to make sure I am including them.

Your evening sounds great! We're having a very quiet one at home with the little ones. Well done you for sticking mostly to plan, great way to start 2011 :D

Take care, have a very happy New Year! x
Happy New Year everyone!

It was a very, very quiet one here. I'd intended to use some syns on some champers in the evening but we went to bed before 9 and I didn't have a drop due to a stonking headache.

So, I need to work some syns into my meals today as I want to ensure I am using them from the beginning.

Brunch: Coffee & banana, Bacon, eggs, grilled mushrooms, toast & beans (heb)

Dinner: Smoked salmon
Roast chicken, roast potatoes, parsnips with carrots & brocoli

Snacks - Satsumas, apple

Syns - Cheese & scanbran 12

1 Extra HEA (breastfeeding) 28g Cheese
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Day 4

Breakfast - 2x heb slices toast & 2 eggs, banana

Snack - Plum

Lunch - Minestrone soup

Dinner - Steak, grilled mushrooms & 28g dolcelate cheese (extra hexa) broccoli, carrots and potato wedges.

Snacks - fruit

Syns - poss some more scanbran & cheese. Surprisingly tasty!! ;)
Day 5

Feeling so happy to be back on plan! It is great waking up in the morning knowing I'm doing something positive about my weight :D

Breakfast - yoghurt, banana 2x heb bread & 2 eggs /coffee (hexa)

Snack - Melon & mixed fruits

Lunch - Leftover veggie couscous

Dinner - Slow cooked shin of beef with carrots, celery, & mixed veggies. Mash made with swede & potato.

Syns - tbd
Day 6

Yesterday was syn free in the end. I ate LOADS of veg and just didn't have room for anything else! Getting nervous that I won't get a good result at WI. So silly, I know the plan works, I just really need to see the numbers coming down on Thursday.

So -

Breakfast - Banana, 3 scanbran, 1 laughing cow light & ham

Lunch - BNS, carrot & lentil soup (absolutely delish!)

Dinner - Roast spicy chicken thighs with dry roast potatoes, spinach, broccoli & cauliflower.

Snacks - melon & apple
1 scanbran 1/2 laughing cow and slice of ham
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Day 7

Breakfast - 28g porridge & banana

Lunch - Cottage cheese, 1 ryvita, tin sardines & sliced turkey

Dinner - Leftover beef stew, brocolli, swede & carrot mash, sprouts & cauliflower.

Snack 1 ryvita & 28g goats cheese (extra a for breastfeeding)

Syns - 3 for ryvita. Really haven't had enough syns this week. Should be on 15 due to the breastfeeding and haven't had that once this week. Oh dear..
Day 8 WI tonight. Eeeek.

Breakfast - 2 eggs on 2 x HEB bread, 1 banana

Lunch - Veg soup

Snack - Grapes/mango

Dinner - Lasagne & salad - Will use up some syns on this by making a cheese sauce ala Britmum's recipe :)
Syns - be prepared for a shocker! I've barely used any this week (23 so far!) so using up a few tonight ;)

Sauce for lasagne was:
7 for flour
Milk used as HEXa
12 syns for cheese (made 3 generous portions)

I had a third, so 6.5 syns
Mince pie 14
Dbl cream 7

I have around 50 to use still! Wow, obv won't be doing that but might treat myself to one of those leftover chocolates from Xmas.
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Good Luck!!

and i hope upi dont mind if i steal some of your meal plans, im finding it hard to figure out what to eat everyday!!! :)
Thanks for the good luck :) Please do feel free to use any ideas you like! Afraid I'm not being my most creative at the mo, I forgot how hard it is to do things with a newborn around! ;)

Day 9

Breakfast - 3 scanbran (hexb) sliced chicken, slice of ham & 1 laughing cow light (part hexa) Grapes

Lunch - Leftover lasagne. It includes the 1/3 superfree as made with courgette, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onion, carrots 6.5 syns for sauce

Dinner - chicken & spinach curry & rice (will also include carrots, onions, mushrooms for 1/3 SF)

Snack - 2 scan bran (remaining hexb) and 28g cheese (extra hexa)
28g 6 syns

I'm making an effort to have my syns now, I was way way under last week and think it could have impacted my loss. So, will be having the full 15 and see what happens!

Also having plenty of scanbran, they taste pretty good with cheese and will also try one of the cake recipes tomorrow.
Oops, not had a chance to upload for a few days. Have been 100% on it though! If anything though I'm still not having enough syns and meals were a little erratic over the weekend. I'm weighing in at a new group tomorrow morning so won't have a full weeks loss but should work better for me to get to.

Breakfast: Grapes, 2 xeggs & bread (hexb)
Lunch: 1 scanbran 28G cheese (extra A)
Snack - 1 mugshot (wouldn't normally but lunch was teeny & very late! Running around with kiddies today, no time to cook or prepare)

Dinner: Salmon, asparagus, babycorn, green beans, baby potatoes

Mango, papaya
Weighed in yesterday at a new group, so 2 days earlier than my last WI (if that makes sense?) and I've lost 2lbs. Pleased after the .5 last week and realise it will prob be slow due to the change in diet and breastfeeding. I'm making a real effort to be 100% this week and get syns in every day, still was way under this week, so had a bit of a blow out yesterday but even after that I was still under my weekly allowance and each syn was counted. Felt good and very controlled!

Breakfast - Banana, kiwi & blueberries followed by Porridge (1/2 HEB)

Snack - 1 Scanbran (1/2 HEB & 28g cheese 1 HEA)

Lunch - Mixed veg & lentil soup (BNS, celery, carrots, swede, onion, potato & red lentils)

Snack - grapes, apple, clementine

Dinner - Cottage pie - including carrots, celery, swede & served with brocolli, cauli & sprouts.

Syns - Scanbran 1
28g cheese 6
digestive 3.5
chocolate 5

Total 15.5
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Breakfast - Egg & beans with melon & grapes

Snack - 1 scanbran (1 syn) with 28g cheese (extra A)

Lunch - Pasta & sauce (free) with tuna, mushrooms & spinach

Snack -

Dinner - Chicken thighs roasted with BNS, courgette, red onions & carrots served with couscous

Syns -
I have stupidly just weighed in again.... I normally wear my jeans and a belt to WI, just did it in my PJs and look like I have gained a couple lbs!! I just don't know what I am doing wrong. So disheartened as I am sticking to the plan, well within my syns & making sure I have roughly 1/2 superfree foods and it isn't coming off. I know I need to wait until the official WI on Tues, but I can't see where these lbs will magically disappear to by then.

Any ideas, do shout! :D

So, trying a green day today just to mix things up a bit. Think i'll go red tomorrow and see if that has any impact.

Breakfast - Egg & beans with 2 slices bread - 1 HEB

Snack - Grapes & melon 2 x scanbran with 1 laughing cow light (3.5 syns)

Lunch -

Dinner - Ricotta (1 HEXA) & spinach lasagne with mixed salad

Syns - TBD

I'll be out around lunchtime with the kids today so think I'll need to pack up some goodies for me to nibble on so that I'm not tempted by stuff. We're off to a party, so can't imagine there will be much in the way of SW friendly bits ;)
Well, weighed in this am and have lost..... .5lb!

Very disappointed to be honest, trying so hard. My consultant read my diary and said it all looked fine, has recommended I have an extra B option too. I tried 2 red days, going to have a few green just to see if that does anything. I didn't get to make the lasagne (above) as the weekend was crazy busy, I hardly ate a proper meal the entire w'end. Really don't want that to happen this week, sure it doesn't help.

I've got 30 syns left to use, will have them today and enjoy 'em!!

Anyway - Green Day!

Breakfast 2x bread (heb) & 2 eggs, banana, grapes & clementine

Lunch - 2x ryvita (heb) & 56g cheese (2x hexa) Melon

Snack -

Dinner - Spinach & ricotta lasagne & salad (ricotta as extra b option)
Sticking with green for a couple days - really making an effort to eat enough, get all my HE's etc.

Breakfast - 2x eggs & HEB toast

Snack - Grapes, cooked pasta

Lunch - Leftover lasagne

Snack - Pear, 56g (2xHEA) Cheese on HE scan bran

Dinner - Jacket potato, egg & beans
Pudding - syn free rice pudding

Syns - curly wurly 6
Sugar free sweet 1
Cheese 6
Jam 1

Today felt pretty good, I feel like I am eating as I did before, I haven't been hungry. Hoping this will give my loss a bit of a boost. Turns out I also have my first *week since having baby. Wonder if that had an impact on my loss (or lack thereof!)

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