cramp in my legs??


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ive been on ss of cd for 11 days now and i seem to be getting cramp like pains in my legs, it never turns into full blown cramp,it just seems to linger in my calfs on and off.
was wondering if anybody else has experianced this?
I do have a very busy lifestyle (mum to 5 kids, work fulltime as a nurse) but i never got these cramp like pains untill i started cd.
I lost 12lb in my first week and only need to loose a further 16lb, any ideas how long this could take?
thanks for any replies xx
Could you be drinking too much water? Unlikely I know, in this weather, but drinking too much can upset the electrolyte balance and cause cramps?

Just a thought.
Yep it definitely sounds water related to me!

I never got cramps in my legs on this diet... until one night I had a couple of drinks while SSing:eek: :( :eek: ... I was drinking a lot of water along with the drink and coffee.

When I went home that night I could not lie down in bed as the pain was cruel...I stayed up all night walking the floor.

I feel the couple of drink disrupted my Electrolytes, my husband went to the shop and got me a big bottle of tonic water and that relieved it for me, I then got a few twinges after that and took the tonic water and it seemed to do the trick..

Food Factors

[FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]T[/FONT]hese dietary tips can help you keep magnesium and vitamin E, the nutrients that help ward off leg cramps, where you need them: in your body.
Cut the cocktails. Even a single drink containing alcohol may decrease the supply of magnesium in your body, says Lorraine Brilla, Ph.D., associate professor of exercise physiology at Western Washington University in Bellingham.
Trim the fat. Dietary fat makes magnesium harder to absorb, increasing the chances that it will be wasted, Dr. Brilla says.
Cap your sweet tooth. Eating sugary foods forces your body to use magnesium just to metabolize the sweet stuff, adds Dr. Brilla. Can the cola. Soft drinks contain phosphates, which experts say also deplete your body of magnesium and calcium.

Yes - definitely drink some slim-line tonic before you go to bed - the quinine in it will help (I think it's the quinine anyway).

thanks for replying huni,i aint been drinking anything apart from my shakes and water, ive stuck to the diet 100%.
i'm a bit puzzled though bcos i'm only drinking the recommended amount of water, infact some days ive struggled to do it and gone to bed worried that i have'nt drank enough.. maybe it's not even diet related, it's prob just me.... another sign of old age creeping's all down hill after 40 init lol
Leg cramping and muscle ache can be due to loss of potassium and can be due to drinking too much water.

However, when we sweat we lose salt and loss of salt can also cause cramp which is why sometimes in hot countries they give salt tablets.

In an emergency slimline tonic water could be used but be careful as there are citric acid and flavourings in this which could kick off cravings.

Best bet pop to pharmacy and get some quinnine sulphate tablets. This should cure the problem for you.

Leg cramp is so painful.

Good luck.

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Some interesting reading...

I think myself I was lacking in Magnesium and the drink (alcohol) tipped it over and I had leg cramp...I felt very stupid for drinking as I already knew that drinking alcohol and doing Sole Source is a very big NO-NO.:(

My craving for nuts I feel is another sign...

I never did manage to get back successfully To SSing after that night a few months ago...I am now doing a few CD meals a day with food and enjoying nuts on the side and some wheat germ on my cereal for more vitamin E.

I was on Lipotrim SSing for seven months and shifted five stone...I then changed over to CD as it offered me more flexibility.

We can only tell you what our experience has been on our weight loss journey and help you to educate yourself about things we have found out that are both useful and important.

Important Notice.
At the end of the day our advice is not medical and you should always consult your local Pharmacy/Doctor/Health Nurse.

Love Mini xxx
I was told by my LLC it was because I wasn't drinking enough water - 3-4 litres a day.

I upped it to about 5 and haven't had the problem since.

Basically from what I can gather cramp can be a sign of dehydration as the muscles dried out.