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Cranberry Crunch - Honest Opinions?


Cambridge Counsellor
I you like the peanut crunch you'll probably like the Cranberry one - its kind of the same but a bit fruity. Personally its not my favourite as I prefer the chewy toffee type ones. But that is just me.


Queen of the Damned
Love love love the cranberry crunch, and I'm not a cranberry person. Think hob nobs with a fruity taste! :cool:


Fab & Fit For Florida
my favourite... the only bars i get, sometimes i get a couple of peanut ones too


please try again
i like the cranberry crunch tis fast becoming my fave

it has cruncy not fruity bits ( yes hob nobs nearist thing i know of )
can be a lil sweet to start with but it grows on ya


Queen of the Damned
Chocolate orange - dark chocolate, like Terry's Chocolate Orange but chewier

Chocolate - bit like a mars bar

Not had a toffee or a caramel one in so long I can't remember :p


Strong women stay slim
I don't like that one , I like the orange one , and peanut , the peanut is a good seller


Strong women stay slim
Well , I'm a cherry and nut fan , but hey who knows whats next after the strawberry silk comes out , will we be still on the CD gang then lol
ooh I might give cranberry a go then. And I'll try peanut again - I have a feeling I didn't like it before, but I love peanut, so it's worth another shot.

I love the orange and I really like the toffee, chocolate and caramel too :D


This is the last time!!
The cranberry one is my favourite. I seem to be carb sensitive and got knocked out of ketosis the other day after a toffee one, so will stick to the cranberry as/when I need to have something 'on the go'.


please try again
i like the toffee one at room temp, nice and silky like that! lol
The cranberry flavour reminds me of the SPECIAL K bars you can get. My fav is peanut with cranberry second. I have started to freeze mine and then I spend 20 minutes slurping and licking may way through the bar!

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