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Craving Savoury food.......

Does anyone else have this problem? Ive been doing ss now for 6 weeks, the first 2 weeks I was doing ss+, which was fine, although I didnt get on with the soups :(.
I still dont like any of the soup flavours, but after 2 weeks, I was allowed the bars which was lovely, and I dropped down to just ss, but I now find that im having too much sweet stuff, and am craving savoury like mad! Do you think a cup a soup would hurt? They are only about 30kcal, and may stop my craving?
Any advise is greatly received!


Amanda ;)
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Hi Amanda, I too hate the soups with a passion and only have tetras.

I get savoury cravings, but I would def advise not to have a cup a soup as this will prob take you out of ketosis.

Get the Savoury CD flavouring from ur CDC and have this in hot water (it's like veg soup) Or I know some people on here have Marigold Bouillion the low salt version which you can get from the supermarket, although don't think we're officially allowed it, most people seem to get on ok with it.

Just remember to only have 1 teaspoon of the water flavouring or the Bouillion a day.
I know how you feel. I hate the savoury stuff but the sweet is starting to taste way too sweet and all I can think about is nachos with salsa and sour cream!

I think the best thing to do is call your CDC and see what he/she suggests....

I am so glad to hear somebody else say they dont like the soups. i gag everytime eurgh!!

But i am forcing them down at the moment as i purchased mine in bulk and dont really have a choice. (the hubby would kill me, if i don't):cry:

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You could take ur soups back to ur CDC and swap them for shakes. That's what I did. ;)
i don't have a cdc, i'm going it alone. Been fine so far, not hungry at all, i quite like the shakes and can just about stomach the chicken soup and the tomato 1 too. But the mushroom.. eurgh, and the potato double eurgh!!!
i love the soups
I cant bear the soups! Perhaps have a spicy chicken breast with green salad as a one off which is what I do sometimes and it doesnt affect my weight loss.
Thanks everyone, Its nice to know Im not the only one who doesnt like them! I will try that chicken breast idea too, thanks sabab.
Its my weigh in tomorrow eve too, so fingers crossed!

I didnt like the soups but I like the chicken and mush soup with half a teaspoon of boullion in is really nice, or have you tried the cd savoury drink powder??

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