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Cravings are driving me Nuckin' Futs!!


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I cant stop thinking about food!.
Anything savoury. Mainly cheese, bread, crackers (I could go on, my partner and I compiled a top 10 of things we most want to eat..we stopped at 100 as we were just torturing ourselves!)

I work with food all day. At 9am this morning I was making chicken & mushroom pie *drools* bread & butter pudding *dribbles a bit more* and vanilla custard. Oh my god!!

I havent tasted any food for 10 days and its killing me :cry:

Will this get any better?
Its driving me nuts and my stomach is growling all the time!
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It may not get better woman but you do get stronger. (I bloody hope! LOL). You work with food and have abstained for ten days already, you're gonna be just fine. :D

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Black Rose is right - you have done so well especially considering you work with food. God, I don't know how I would cope. I am totally obsessed with food at the moment. Keep buying food magazines and am literally drooling over them like some pervert!! I'll have to start keeping them under the bed(!)

Just try - really really hard - not to let that voice in your head that tells you you need the food to win. You don't need it. You've done ten days so far and it really is a mental battle at this point.

Take it one day at a time.
We are with you.


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I think we all get cravings - I was craving mad for a ham sandwich the other night and even got as far as looking in the fridge for the ham!!! but remembered it was weigh in a couple of days later and could not jeopardize all the hard work I have done so far.

Keep strong - the hardest part is almost over and you will soon not think so much about eating the food just preparing it - it will soon mean nothing to you.

Good luck and keep up the good work.

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Well Emma you must be feeling better to be thinking about food...lol Just imagine it all covered in dogs poo, sorry to be disgusting but that's what I do, never seem to want it then for some reason....lol
like you i work with food too... and im afraid to say after nearly 6 weeks i`m still fancying food but only 4 a split second then it passes....
youve managed so far hun it would be a shame tospoil it for yourself now hun just stay strong and the results will be worth it xxxx
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I'm a sniffer!!!! It has become a bit of an obsession with me but it gets me through it! Today both my daughters were eating crisps and the smell was yummy, didn't want any though.

G: 12st7lb
:cry: Still get pangs and still get tempted by food but for strong mature cheeseeeeeeeeee its worse and i hardly ever had it befor maybe its a salt thing .
i hope yours get better as well as mine

debz x


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17 weeks in, I still get the odd craving. Sat night was a challenge, x-factor and curry night used to go hand in hand. I had to hide the phone away to stop me ordering one!!! Just keep remembering why I am doing this and far I have come.
You have been incredibly strong working with food and abstaining for 10 days, you have come this far, and you will do it. You will learn how to control your cravings and beat them. Good luck and keep up the good work.


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Hi Emma,
hope you are still resisting. It will get easier, you are strong and can overcome this mind craving. Drink some sparkling water, it will help fill you up more and can make a nice change.
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I think they will get better - it must be really hard to be around food all the time - but you've already seen how good the results can be & it's totally worth it! & as Black Rose says, you will get stronger & food will lose its fascination a bit as time goes on...

Good luck!!

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Awwww sorry you're finding it hard hun but just focus on your goal. It's not like you're never going to have that delicious bread and butter pudding again!! And think how much more you'll enjoy it when you've lost the weight you want to and won't feel guilty for it!!

Keep strong- we're all here for you


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Thank you guys :)
You are all right. I know its all in my head, but sometimes its all just too much!

To make it easier in work, Ive printed off a picture of Grotbags and stuck it to one of the fridges.

Not only does it cheer me up and take me right back to my childhood days, watching 80's kids TV, but it reminds me that I do not need to put food in my mouth!!! :D

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