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cravings help needed!!!!!

im just in to my 3rd week and im doing ok but the cravings are now starting.... badly!!! my housemates are all sat eating pizza so i have had to come to my room so i dont kill them all and eat their pizzas.....
im not hungry .... i know im not but my head wont quite! helllllp needed asap!!!
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This is the last time!!
I had the same thing yesterday, with Pizza too. I ran out of the house dragging the poor dog for another walk in order to escape as I know I would have caved.
Just remember why you are doing it and focus on the long term - I know one day I will be able to eat A SLICE of pizza again, albeit with a nice green salad, but for now I need to find myself and that is more important than blowing the diet x
good words indeed said there, infact just sitting up here on the forum has made me feel soo much better..... i can sit here and think im stronger then that i know.... and i wont be the complaining tomorrow about how much i ate. but you know that little bit in your brain.... its like that child in the supermarket that just wants wants wants... lol


This is the last time!!
The best thing you can do is to remind yourself that you WILL be able to eat it again one day. Whatever the craving is for, it will still be there once your CD journey is over.
As I said, I know that one day I will be able to have pizza again. Although I will have one slice of pizza with a salad instead of half a pizza with garlic mushrooms and onion rings and whatever else I used to cram in my greedy face.
When I was walking round with the dog last night I was having this massive internal argument going on about the stupid pizza, and it made me cry. I'm 31 years old and I cried cos I couldn't have a stupid piece of pizza. Pathetic really isn't it.
But you know what? I refuse to live my life in this shroud of fat anymore, I am sick of feeling invisible - a random feeling to have when you are as big as me!! I want to be noticed, I want to find my 'real' self, I don't want to make any more fat jokes at my expense to save the hurt of others doing it.
I think once you decide to do something as 'hardcore' as the CD you have to have reached rock bottom in your confidence and self esteem - I know for sure I had. I cried all day long before making the decision to restart the plan after 2 years off it. To succeed you have to find the power within you, and that means ignoring the naughty voices and fake hunger pangs etc etc.

I think we both started at the same ish time, so if you ever need to vent off, crack on x
aww hun thank you soo much! i started about the 27th feb.... im suprised i made it through the first week to be honest i never stick to anything! i do catch myself getting really worked up over not having something ... then i have to take a step back and have stern words with myself.
im glad im not the only on that has / is having these internal arguments! makes me feel less crazy!
me too. been thinking lots about food the past week or so and feel that i'm missing out on it. i would say that most of the time i'm not hungry but i really miss it. when the weather picks up we'll all feel a lot better in the warm sun, fingers crossed anyway.

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