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Crazyfool's food diary

Ok it's time to get serious . My consultant asked me why my losses are slowing down . I think I made a few errors last week regarding syn values and some days I am having 15 syns . Also on red and green days I might not be having enough superfree .

Thursday EE

Break fast
42 g All bran ( B )
Sliced banana
Milk ( A)

Alpen light bar ( 3)

Jacket potato and baked beans , side salad.
Diet coke

Half a packet of golden savoury rice
3 egg omelette with chopped bacon and mushrooms
Frozen mixed veg ( mug full superfree)

1/2 pint skimmed milk (4.5)
Brown sauce 1 tbsp ( 1.0)

total syns 8.5

I may have more fruit and a FF yoghurt later if I'm hungry .
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Friday EE

2 slices of toast nimble ( B )
Flora and jam ( 3.0)
Milk ( A) for coffee and teas

Alpen light ( 3)

Morrisons pasta in sauce .Garlic , chicken ( 1.5)
Microwaved veg

Roast gammon slices
SW chips
Pile of SS veg
Mayo (0.5 )

Peach activia (0.5)
extra skimmed milk (1.5)

Syns total 10
Saturday EE

2 x nimble toast ( B)
Milk for coffees ( A )
2 poached eggs
2 tsp flora ( 2.0)


Jacket potato
28 g Boursin light ( 2.0)
Pile of salad leaves, toms, cucumber

activia peach (0.5)

SW slow cooker beef curry and rice (0.25 )

extra milk for coffees (4.5)

Total syns 9
Nimble toast (B)
flora and jam (3)
Milk (A)


Pasta and sauce (1.5)
mixed frozen veg

Activia peach ( 0.5)
Sw Chips , bacon , mushroom , beans and egg

extra milk ( 4.5)

Total syns 9.5

MMM SW chips on a Sunday!!
I've been bought up to without fail have a Sunday roast on a Sunday, i always find it really peculiar when people have something else!
If i'm feeling really naughty i sometimes have something different on a Sunday, it's my idea of rebelling haha!!

Also....Jam on toast!! I haven't had jam for ages!! you diary is like food porn to me today haa x
Well we normally have a roast but hubby was working until 2 ish .I have a young baby and a four year old so I don't have the time or energy for lengthy cooking unless hubby deals wid the kiddos lol !

I love toast , I could eat it all day . It's taking some getting used to eating tiny slices of it though lol !!! x
2 x Nimble toast
2 x poached eggs
1 tsp Flora ( 1 )

Curly wurly ( 6)

Jacket potato
Old El Paso refried beans
Salad, toms and beetroot

Activia Peach ( 0.5)

Shepherds pie, carrots and red cabbage.

Walkers Baked crisps ( 5)

Syns total (12 )
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