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Creamy mushroom sauce


The Original Honey!!!
Hi hun, tbh I buy the colmans creamy garlic and mushroom sauce and its lovely. you need to add milk but to make the whole sacet its only 350ml which is one hexa of skimmed milk which between 4 people i usualy just have some cheese for the rest of my 3/4 of a hexa.

now it is 6 syns a sachet but if you only having a portion it only works out at 1.5 plus 1/4 hexa so its not too bad! i usually have it with chikcne wrapped in bacon with the sauce and some hexa cheese :D




The Original Honey!!!
Ooo that sounds yummy with the chicken and bacon. will have to look out for some when i'm shopping next


Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Mushrooms, lazy garlic, veg stock cube and enough water to simmer the mushrooms in - once cooked through and the water/stock reduced down then take off the heat and stir through f/f fromage frais - syn free and delicious and mine hasn't curdled yet - think the trick is taking it off the heat xxx


The Original Honey!!!
Thank DD. Think I may have been going wrong by keeping the pan on the heat whilst adding the fromage frais. Will try it your way next time.

Thanks again

Unfortunately, what stops ordinary cream from curdling in sauces is the fat content!

So using anything low-fat runs the risk of some curdling - but as has already been said, taking it off the heat so that the yogurt or fromage frais warms through in the residual heat, rather than being exposed to direct heat, will usually solve the problem.


Really likes to cook
Try this recipe....................

Pete’s Mushrooms in Laughing Cow Cheese

Serves 2

6-8 mushrooms, sliced
3 “Laughing Cow” cheese wedges (out of your daily allowance)
¼ tsp English mustard


Spray a small frying pan with Fry Light and cook the mushrooms on a low light for a few minutes, add mustard, crumble the 3 cheese wedges and stir until they dissolve, add a small quantity of hot water to the mix to make a sauce, continue stirring, and keep stirring from time to time until cooked through.


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