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Creamy/yoghurty/cheesey stuff - what's the diff???


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Since I started SW I have always been confused at the various options of creamy/cheesy/yoghurty ingredients and still am!

Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between all these and why you should/shouldnt use them in different recipes.

For example - I know that yoghurt splits when cooked too long/too high - are there others that wont? And what can be subsituted for what?

I think the main contenders are these:

Fat free natural yoghurt
Fat free greek yoghurt
Fromage Frais
Cream cheese (philidelphia etc)
Creme Fraiche

What normally happens is that I stand in the dairy aisle(s) being indecisive - and either end up buying 3 or 4 different types and throwing half of it away as its gone off before I have a chance to use it all - or I'll just take a punt and buy one thing then end up wanting to do a recipe that wants one of the others and not know if I can substitute it or not!

Can anyone shed any light on this?
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Maybe its my taste buds but i cant really tell the difference between any of thm lol. I just get quark because its free and a pretty good all rounder. I haven't been doing this long but every recipie i have made has involved quark lol. And with a pinch of salt and pepper its a lovely topping/dip on most savoury things! And after baking the roulade and cheesecake its a winner in puddings :) Not really an answer but i also end up throwing away pots of creamy/cheesy substances so i am sticking to Quark from now on lol x

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