Crimbo Shopping!!!How Organized are You


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The Christmas decorations and lights are only now going up in the towns and villages around Donegal and the buzz of Christmas is starting...

I have not even thought about what presents I am going to buy this year for other people.

How organized are you?
Almost done - just to got to get a few more bits and pieces and I'll be sorted.

Now if only I could remember where I've stashed them all.......
Is it terrible to confess that I've done almost all my christmas shopping bar 3 things?:confused: :eek: :eek: :)

I have been getting stuff throughout the year in sales and special offers etc...and if something has caught my eye... like th Olive set for my mate Lucy... she will love it and I saw it in February.. lol This way I don't feel the financial burden... also it means I have a ready supply of prezzies sitting in my spare wardrobe..great for forgotten birthdays!! Now all I need to do is wrap (loads of paper already in the cupboard - again bought that in the January sales...) and label them all... haven't got round to writing the cards (charity ones bought in the Jan sales too...) though... not even thinking about decs yet... that'll be about mid December...:rolleyes:
I've got everything for my kids but oly 1 thing for anyone else. Ive ran out of money to buy anything else now though.
I've got everything for my daughter....just need to get her new pj's & slippers...have all her outfits as well!! Still need to get my sister present, and have started my parents pressie but cant finish it til I go home at Christmas!! Have nothing really for anyone else....must get my ass in gear!
Nearly done! I'm a bit of a BOGOF fiend so tend to do the shopping all year round whenever there's a special offer......all the dried foodstuff has been bought as have the majority of the presents and all the trimmings! Just wrapping paper and a turkey and sprouts now and then I'll be done!!! :D

I do love shopping on Christmas Eve knowing that I don't really need anything because most of it has been done....but I still can't resist going into the shops then because there are so many bargains around! :)
Almost done - just the kids 'main' presents and the grub and then I'm done - just popped on here to have a break from writing christmas cards:eek:

I'm quite organised, kids almost finished; just need to get my Mums and 1 of my brothers. I buy some pressies throughout the year to spread the cost

I like to get most of it done quite early but do like to hold back on a few bits and bobs and then I can still go round the shops and enjoy the christmas lights and displays without having that wild eyed look that I see others with, while they clutch a tattered list!!

I love taking my kids to shop for things for them to buy their grandparents and friends, then we stop for hot chocolate and watch the world go by.....ah lovely:D I love Christmas as long as I do manage to get organised!
Oh blast - I'd forgotten I have to wrap them all! I HATE wrapping stuff up!!

Ah well - that's what 3am on Xmas Eve is for! lol

Glad it's not only me still fighting with the sellotape at that ridiculous hour!!!!!:eek: :D
Organised - whats that??? :D

So far I have a football money box thingy with choclate balls inside, and a bag of football choclates - for Jacks stocking - me thinks I need to get a move on lol

Happy that the kids don't break up so early this year, as gives me more time!

Don't like to get my lots pressies too early , as they change their minds as to what they want... that's my excuse anyhow!

The dreaded words to hear at 9.00pm Christmas Eve ' I've changed my mind of what I want from father christmas.. I want ......... instead!' OOOh too late father christmas is already on his way!!
Oh Lord, you guys put me to shame, I haven't even started thinking about it yet.

Note to self - start Christmas shopping!!!!!
I have got all mine bar the food and a few vouchers!

Sat and looked through the M&S book to do the online food ordering, but found it a bit hard as am only on day 4 of LL SS so ticked what I needed and walked away, will probably place the order next week to give me a chance to get over the piccies of the food!

Nearly all our presents are wrapped as well, but that's due to my baby not being well and insisting on starting the day at 4.30am so have been wrapping around Dora the Explorer!