Hey guys,

I just made some crisps out of vege soup - yummy by the way!! They were lovely but they stuck to the plate. I ended up scraping every morsel off the plate cos they were that good! Does anyone know a good way of stopping them from sticking?

Thanks in advance

Bobby xxx
Hi Bobby, my crisps only stick to the plate when they have been in the microwave for too long.

Next time you make them, try and put them in for a little less than normal, they should be better that way.

I love making crisps, my friend pointed out to me that they taste just like mini cheddars. I hadn't noticed before, but now when I eat them i can picture mini cheddars! yum
Thanks Sue...and sorry for the late reply!!

Ill try putting them in the microwave for a little less time tonight!

Bobby xx
Hi Bobby

I make my crisps by using the reusable baking sheet and it works everytime. I bought mine in the cook shop £4.99 i think but you can buy it pretty much anywhere.

Hope this helps......