Crispy choc shake with water??


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I know the instructions say to use 125ml milk with the crispy choc shake but i know people mix it with water so do you substitute the 125ml milk for 125ml water ooooor do you use the 250-300ml water recommended for the regular shakes?

(If that makes any sense what-so-ever lol)

Thanx in advance!

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hi there.

with 125ml milk its not alot of shake so rob said that u can add another 125ml of water...half an half......
but if u just want it with water....then just add 250 ml of water like a normal shake.....i dnt really like it with water.....but its less carbs so all gud x


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I've always substituted water for milk with all the shakes, including the porridge brekkie mix. Tastes creamy enough without. I think this means it might not be a 'full replacement meal' though. Someone more experienced can perhaps advise.


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i had the choc cereal shake yesterday and used 125ml of skimmed milk and topped upto 400ml with water as it was still thick. Also if you drink it with a straw if you can use a macdonalds straw cos they are wider and the cereal bits will go up the tube. I used a normal one and had to blow ou the big bits cos they kept getting stuck. Well done on your 2 weeks losses x


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I just had the choc cereal shake for the first time and used 100ml of milk and 150ml of water. I made the vanilla one up with just the milk and it was too thick but this one was ok with some added water. I liked :)


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S: 14st2lb C: 11st6lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st10lb(19.19%)
Thanx everyone! I think im just gonna experiment and see what works best for me. Im gonna try it with half milk n half water i think!