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Cross, De-motivated and Failing

I've been for my third weigh in and have only lost 1lb. Whilst that takes me to one stone in three weeks I know that it's poor weight loss. The pharmacist was concerned about it and said that I should have lost at least four pounds this week. I explained that I am really constipated plus I'm on my period but she has insisted that I refeed for a week before she will let me go back on 100%. I feel really de-motivated and frustrated that I am not losing as much as I should be. I also thought that the pharmacist would have given me more advice for my (fairly problematic!) constipation other than 'drink more water'. Am I being unreasonable? I feel like crap today and am a step away from just eating pizza and cake:sigh:
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Here we go again!
Firstly step away from the pizza and cake.

Your pharmacist seems useless to me. Drinking more water is good advice but have you thought about taking Senakot or other similar things to help out the constipation problem? I definitely didn't lose as much on this when it was time of the month. What do they expect, miracles!

Why would refeeding help you at the moment? I just don't understand their thinking at all.

Really don't think you're being unreasonable about this, maybe ask Lipotrim themselves about this and see what they say.

On the positive, you're a stone lighter and congrats for that!

I'm sure someone will come along in a mo and give you some good advice about how to handle this. Stay strong and stick to the diet, it will work for you! :)
Thanks for your quick reply! I have stepped away from the pizza and cake - with difficulty mind! I don't really understand why my pharmacist is being so rigid to be honest, although I have taken Senna tablets and am still no better really. She seems to think that if I re-feed for a week then it will give my digestive system an opportunity to clear itself out (nice thought!) before going back on 100%. I don't suppose there's much I can do but I just feel really apprehensive about starting to eat again and then stopping a week later. This is the first time I've done LT and I've noticed from other peoples experiences that it can be really difficult to get back in the 100% zone again.
Oh well.......it's only a week I suppose....


Life is not a Rehersal!

Sorry to hear that your pharmacist is being a bit unreasonable.

Well, I personally would fight it! I think with you only being at the beginning of your journey it is going to be TOUGH, TOUGH, TOUGH to get back on again, cause you dont really want to! I think that is the problem. Not saying it cant be done refeeding then doing it again, but it takes you out of that ZONE and way of thinking......

Challenge the pharmacy! Or change! AND in the meantime take duculox, not sure of spelling....for me, literally within an hr or so I was cleared out!!! It doesnt agree with everyone but it does with me. You need something a little stronger I reckon, just the once mind...dont keep taking them as they are strong.

Keep your chin up and like Bev says it is 1 stone lighter than you were a few weeks ago...dont forget that.

If you dont get anywhere, I would email LT direct and ask them if this is right that you are being asked to eat again!!!
I think a change of mindset is in order...1 stone in 3 weeks is a great loss on any diet. TOTM always means less weight loss, so it is to be expected to have a smaller loss that week than any other. Constipation can also be a real problem with weight. We all struggle and unfortunately the best solution is drink more water...but also you clearly need a laxative. Its not going to affect the diet, but the constipation can be unbearable. I took one senna (recommended dose is two) and had a clear out the next afternoon. If I had taken two I would likely have been fine in the morning. Dulcolax is also a good one. I would challenge the Pharmacist because they sound useless. Keep going, you are doing well. Dont let these 'low' losses get you down, if you stick to 100%...drink more water and take a laxative I bet you'd have a good loss the next week!


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hi i think scotsmist is right i would contact your chemist again maybe speak to the manager i also us dulcolax take it at night i take 2 once a week around 9 pm and it clears me the next morning i refeed last week as i had friends comming over and this week has been so hard i have no energy and i started back tfr 100% last tue im sooo moody aswell kids and hubby have mentioned it a few times to me so i would really think twice about re feeding for a week it could screw up the diet a lot for you my advice would be ring your chemist in the morning or go to new chemist if there is one close enough and start from there


Back to reality!
Hey hun,
Sorry that you are having a bit of a rubbish time with it. As others have said I would definitely go back and speak to them. TOTM does mean that you won't lose as much weight and also constipation wont help too. You have done really well so far and it would seem a shame to lose that momentum.
Let us know what happens.
T x
Thanks so much everyone for your replies and advice. As the chemist isn't open tomorrow I will have to wait till monday to speak to them. It really helps to know that other people think I've been given poor advice and I really appreciate your support. I am pleased that I've lost a stone and am determined to keep it off and keep going:)
Thanks everyone!


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Just a quick word to say that you have done fantastically to lose a stone. I thought that on average a stone a month is to be expected so you are very much on track for that. One week I lost 2lbs and was disappointed, but again it was still 2lbs off and not on! and I'd stuck to it 100% too.

Stick with it and good luck with sorting out the chemist!

Lisa x


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Just think if you got on the scales once in three weeks you'd have no idea how much was lost per week and you would only see the whole picture. But because we get weighed weekly and sometimes have cheeky self weigh ins its often harder to see the whole picture.

Just imagine that it was your first time on the scales in three weeks. Now would that be a good loss or bad loss for three weeks?? xxxx
Ha ha! You're so right - it would be a fantastic loss. I've got abit more perspective on it today. I think I was feeling a little annoyed at the chemist for giving me (what I thought) was rubbish advice. I think I'm going to see how I get on this week and keep the re-feed to the basic protein and vegetables plus shakes and see how my body reacts. I will give it a couple of days and if I don't feel that I'm adjusting well then I will head back to the chemist for some straight talking!
Thanks everyone!
Didn't the chemist offer you fibreclear? It's the powdered fibre that is made by Lipotrim. It is clear and tasteless and works a treat! I pop it in my shakes and it really does the trick. It is designed not to knock you out of Ketosis.

If this has not been mentioned, I would seriously consider changing chemists. I bought mine on the first visit, guessing that I would have a problem. I wouldn't refeed personally and their advice seems to make no sense to me. There is a Liportim helpline number (think it's on the carrier) Give them a call, I found them really very helpful and I'm sure they would like to know if the pharmasist is not promoting their product properly. All the best. xXx
I am only on my first week so I suppose I am not in a great place to offer advice but to me the idea of going on a re feed to early seems crazy. Def talk tgain to your chemist. I know I enquired about Lipotrim a couple of weeks before I started and the girl in the chemist was useless - no encouragement whatsoever so I went off the idea. I found this site in the mean time and read all the threads and thought feck this it has to work. So I went back to the same chemist and got a different girl - what a change. She was positive and encouraging and really made me believe I could do it and here I am with almost a week down.

Its the old saying doctors differ and patients die. Go back - deal with someone else and you will get the help.

On another note - wow to you 1 stone down in a couple of weeks. I would be jumping over the moon. One thing I find on this site is it makes your expectations of weight loss high. Everyone seems to loose so much in the first couple of weeks. But realisty is everyone is different - we are all starting at different weights and different body shapes and consequently we will prob loose different amounts at different times. It seems that over the period of a month or so it balances out. I dont know for sure but thats just what I figure after reading a lot of the threads. Its important not to get down if we didnt do as well as someone else on a particular week. Thats my motto anyway as am weighing in tomorrow and a sneaky peek on my own scales tells me I am not down as much as others were first week.

Look chin up and stick with it
Thanks to everyone who's replied. My chemist wouldn't budge and said that I can re-start again on saturday when I go for a weigh in. She was very nice about it and could see my point of view but still maintained that I needed to get my digestive system moving properly. I have managed ok on re-feed but my scales are not showing any loss at all - maybe I just have to put this week behind me and make a fresh start next week? Like some kind people have said on this thread, 1 stone in three weeks is definately a good loss and definately not one I would have had on WW etc so I think I'm just going to have to move on.....
Personal view, but your chemist is talking c**p. I've had a long relationship with lipotrim on another forum and week 3 was notorious for being a poor weight loss week even without TOTM and constipation.
Use dulcolax to clear any blockage then start with the fibreclear or psyllium husks added to your shakes (or a glass of water if you prefer) to keep things moving.

All a week of refeeding will do is to refill your body's glycogen stores together with the water that gets stored with it.

Good luck hun

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