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Cruise question

Thank you for replying! Its got to be kind of frustrating though, for the scales to keep yo-yo-ing like that! Do we still keep losing in the end? I mean if its going up and then down on a pure protein day won't you just stay the same weight? Or will the weight go down more then up a little? Hope I am making sense! I am soooo tired today! xx
I don't weigh myself every day, just official weigh-in and once mid-week (after a PP day;)). I know Dukan advises to weigh each day, but I never have and it hasn't hindered me.
lol thats ok

well week one i lost 7lbs and then this week i lost 2lbs but my scales every monrning until today were up and down. so it does come off

i am soooo not the best person to say this but try and not weigh yourself daily - (i am terrible for it) - this diet does work :)


is going to loose!
I'm not going to WI except for WI day. Does my head in. I notice lots of people doing attack for more than the recommended 2/3 days. Fearing that perhaps I should have done more like 5. Although website said only 2. Skyrocket I noticed that you did 5?

I've done 7 days on Attack as I am happy eating the same stuff every day and don't miss the bloatedness that veg give me! Am I likely to start getting really bloated (and sorry if TMI but gassy) once I start with the veg after a break from them?
I actually prefer pp days to pv days so am not looking fwd to conso, I only do pv because I know you can get under nourished other wise
Kay, you can have cheese on conso. *drools* and fruit *drools some more*.
oiy you two cheese mmmmmm ive still months to go for that !!!!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hey Laura,

how's it going - started the conso yet?

Sky: re weighing: you might actually not lose any weight for a few days before the scales go down again by a lot, it's not always a contiuous progression, even after PP days. Many factors come into it, water retention (PV), general tansition issues and so on. Unlike in attack, don't weigh every day if that might discourage you. My overall curve was rather wobbly and sort of steps down every few days.
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Thanks Anja! Having mastered Attack I now feel like I am starting all over again!
Can I ask you - are we allowed sugar-free sweets on Cruise?
Well I think strictly speaking no as they may well have a trace of fruit / other carbs etc in them. I saw a reference to Ricola sugar free sweets, one specific flavour only, allowed in Cruise, max 4 per day as a 'tolerated item'. But sorry can't even recall the flavour.

You're definitely not allowed sugar-free squash for example, but SF jellies are allowed, max 2(someone correct me please, I never eat these things) per day.

Now I should however add that *I* do (did on Cruise) have the odd SF sweetie here and there, but I did take care to check the labels and steered away from any 'creamy' flavours, and never more than a couple in any one day. I had a lot of temptation to contend with while on holiday ;)

A general comment about sugar-free treats like these: this diet is also trying to re-educate our habits, and stop the habitual snacking on sugary things etc. So it's no good to keep indulging a sweet tooth that will cause problems as soon as we switch back to 'normal' products.

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