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yesterday full on exante, and a full workout at the gym (20 mins on the treadclimber, 15 on the crosstrainer, 15 mins weights and abs)

I've gained 2lb, overnight.

I know weighing every day is a Bad Thing, but I used it before, and successfully. I've got a set of digital scales, and even the littlest loss was encouraging. The loss I was seeing with exante was good, until this.

Usually when jump-up weight gains happen to me I can point to something, or vow to redouble an effort - more gym work, running or something, but I can see no reason for a gain like this. I know weight fluctuates, but I've never seen a 2lb gain before.

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I wouldnt worry too much. Everyon has a pattern. I could weigh everyday and lose nothing, then on day 6 of the week i could have lost 7lbs overnight....thats my pattern. thats why i no longer weigh myself daily....if i stick to the diet....i know i will lose weight, but i dont want to let a set of scales dishearten me. Its hard sometimes to have a good day if you see youv not lost much or maybe gained overnight...not worth it x


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dont worry the same happened to me this week i gained a pound but im back to normal the next day:)


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Ah those darned scales! I did a little experiment last week. Weighed in the morning and had gained 1/4lb on previous day. Weighed again 2 hours later and had gained another 1 and 3/4lb! Weighed next morning and was back down by 2lbs.
I'm not expecting a great loss this week but my clothes are much looser so I'm not particularly bothered what they say (until weigh-day tomorrow!!)


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Hello Suziemo,

I believe that you are in the early days of using Exante/VLCD. Do you usually workout with this type of intensity? It is not recommended to do any aerobic/cardiovascular exercise in the first few weeks anyhow and then only if it was something that you previously did regularly. You are in serious danger of your body burning muscle instead of fat stores. By all means concentrate on toning as you begin to lose, but remember that muscle weighs more than fat so if you have weeks where the scales do not budge, check what the tape measure is telling you as your body shape begins to alter. ;)

Love Myr xxx
Myr - well said, I was about to comment on this, too.

On a VLCD vigorous, intense workout-type exercise is not recommended. Daily calorie intake is too low to sustain it. As you say it may well be muscle that is lost, and not fat.

Good luck Suziemo! And everyone x


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Muscle doent weigh more than fat, thats a myth a pound of fat weighs the sames as a pound of muscle. When i was at weight watchers one of our meetings was about diet myths x
the only difference between muscle and fat with regards to one being lighter than the other is that fat takes up more space that muscle, how do you measure which weighs more, all you can do is see what takes up to most space. You cannot measure the same amount of fat to the same amount of muscle because that would not be an accurate reading of your weight loss. Muscle takes over from fat but occupies a smaller space so you you will see the difference in measurements and in weight.
Muscle doent weigh more than fat, thats a myth a pound of fat weighs the sames as a pound of muscle. When i was at weight watchers one of our meetings was about diet myths x
Sort of. Mark is also correct. But as with most things there's a bit more to it......:rolleyes:

Muscle is actually denser than fat as it contains less water, so although a pound of anything weighs the same as a pound of anything else, a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat.

There are a couple of muscle/fat things that you need to consider if you are doing a VLCD.

The first is that if you don't do resistance exercise you will lose muscle as well as fat. This particularly applies if you do a lot of cardio (stuff that makes you sweaty and out of breath and gets your heart pounding) cos this burns both but on a VLCD you won't be eating sufficient amounts of protein to replace the lost muscle. However, it also applies if you do no exercise at all. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the quicker you lose weight. So by overdoing the cardio (or not doing any exercise) it's quite likely that you will actually sabotage your diet by slowing down your metabolism..........:eek:

If you base your exercise, especially in the early days, on resistance and strength training you will burn fat and build muscle. This can have a few effects on your diet. More muscle will boost your metabolism and help speed your loss. BUT there's the weight/mass thing to consider as well.

If you convert fat to muscle then for the same volume (not weight) of muscle that you had of fat you will have the same measurements and weigh a bit more. In other words if you weigh more and haven't lost any inches you have probably built up some muscle and will see a better loss over the coming weeks cos you will have boosted your metabolism. For the same weight of muscle as you had fat it should take up less space so you should see some inchloss.

Everybody is different and your body will do this conversion from fat to muscle in its own unique way. You need to measure your inches (and if possible your body fat and muscle percentages) to see how it will work for you.

Some people can excercise quite vigorously on a VLCD with no ill effects and it helps their loss, others (unfortunately the majority of us from what I have read) can't. :(

So basically there's no one answer to this, as with so many things it will vary in each individual. You need to find out by experimenting what works for you and go with that in terms of how much and what sort of exercise to do.

Resistance exercise is easy to do and you don't need any special equipment. Squats, lunges, situps, pressups will all help. Here's a link to get you started: Easy Exercises - Work every major muscle group in your body

Hope this helps.
Oh my, thank you so much for all this help and support, and advice.

re: curry in the soups - made a mistake the other day and put Dave's Insanity sauce into the Tomato And Basil. I practically had to sellotape the duvet down.

re: exercise, that's my normal workout, I usually do more resistance work, so thanks for all the advice, I'll make sure I don't skip it next time!

And I'll stay away from the scales for a day or so!!


Still Motivated
re: curry in the soups - made a mistake the other day and put Dave's Insanity sauce into the Tomato And Basil. I practically had to sellotape the duvet down.
Ha ha, I did very similar with some hotter than normal tabasco sauce once. Was not concentrating and no way was I going to waste it - lol.

Love Myr xxx


Still Motivated
Oh and as for the muscle versus fat, yes my apologies, wrong choice of words and Yam has explained much better than me. :D

What I wanted to achieve was to warn if nothing else if your body was not used to such exercise. Because it is doctrined in us all that to traditionally loose weight one has to exercise as well as 'diet' a lot of peeps do believe that they have to go at it 'all guns blazing' as it were.;)

Love Myr xxx

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