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crying on the scales!


can see the end in sight!
jumped on the scales this morning and it is still stuck at 16 st 4.5 which means I have lost 3 lbs in nearly two weeks! No cheats, lots of water etc! I burst into tears as I am so frustrated!! Living off powder and to lose that amount. Am going to have an extra pack to see if that kick starts metabolism, is that a good idea? Grr so annoyed!
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Aw hunnie sorry to hear that......<hugs> it is annoying when that happens I'm sure. I don't quite know what to suggest, did your CDC have any suggestions?
PS your weight loss so far is FANDABIDOZI!!!!!!!!!!


can see the end in sight!
Thank you :) I told my CDC and she said that it's unusual for me to have anything other than good losses, and to not let it derail my good work.. That was last week so might pop her another email to see if she has any advice.


Optifast Girl!
I think the extra pak is a good idea. Sounds like your metasbolism may need a boost and the extra may do the trick. I can only speak for myself and that seems to work for me when my losses slow down. You could try it and then you would know for sure rather or not it works. Good luck.


can see the end in sight!
my CDC said an extra pack is fine, but also suggests a ss+ meal instead. Can't find my yellow book, can anyone tell me what I can have? Amounts etc? Will stick with my usual amount of packs today and see how I go tomorrow, and might have a ss+ meal tomorrow if the scales are still not playing!

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Hi hun, sorry to read your so distressed by the scales not moving. I do think your losses are amazing so far, and that perhaps your body is having a bit of a breather from larger losses. I can however understand how you are feeling.

If you look at your easter and march goals though you are on track to what you wanted. ((Hugs))

Try not to let the scale rule your mood. Honestly, you are still losing, I'm sure that on SS 100% you'll have larger losses again soon. :)

SS+ can help, and you are tall.. so perhaps you should be on that anyway.. I'm not a CDC.. can't remember the height side of things. Perhaps SS+ would help. Will be worth a go :) I know the 'old' way of SS was to do Add a meal week every now and then (8 weeks i think) so perhaps this had the same effect as going on SS+ for a week :)

Whatever you choose, good luck :) There will be threads with the SS+ food already posted if you search as it's a frequant question (sorry book isn't handy).


I can do this.
You have done brilliant so far so don't get stressed over it, try ss+ and see if that helps.
Wow - You have done FANTASTIC so far! Don't get disheartened - it will start moving again. Maybe you should stay off the scales for a few days lol!

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