crying :-(


I feel so stupid, I'm crying over not being able to have my usual saturday night takeaway that I'm craving, how sad is that!! I've just had an brill 1st week loss of 14lbs and you would think that would be motivating me to not think like my old habits and want junk. Just had a porridge and feel so emotional but I know it's stupid! sorry just wanted to vent....
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don't be sorry hun, I am sure we have all felt like it at some point.

well done btw on your weight loss so far:D

Get yourself in the bath, do your nails,glug some water and think of all them lovely new clothes you will soon be buying in smaller sizes:cool:


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Its hard hun but all sacrafices come with great reward and at the rate of loss you'll be seeing yours very soon



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Do anything you can to take your mind off the takeaway. Your feelings will pass

Congratulations on the great weight loss

Irene xx


Thanks, feel stupid more than anything coz it's a pathetic thing to get upset over, definetly off for a soak in the bath and an early night.


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Aww hun, dont feel stupid, i am constantly having a little cry on this diet for a number of reasons, especially cravings. xx

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The brain is a horrible thing!! Honestly it's just habit, your brain and your taste buds..
WELL DONE for not giving in!! And for that FANTASTIC weight loss!! my goodness!! :gimi::happy096:

Really hope the next week is easier for you! :)


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Aww Zoo girl, it will be so worth it when you are slim.
But the feeling of being deprived are horrible, just remember those Sat night take aways from the past. They may taste nice to start but then they just make us feel bloated, fat and thirsty.

Congratulations on your 14lbs week one weight loss, that's amazing.
Good luck on your journey.


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Well done for sticking with CD for the first week and your fab lose! You've done a lot better than me! Hoping this morning you will be pleased with yourself for not caving in. Remember it is not as if you will never ever be able to have a Saturday night takeaway ever again. You will when you have got to your goal weight and you may by then only want it every now and again because you don't want all the weight you lose to come back on again. Hope I am making sense?


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Kira is absolutley right! You should feel delighted with your results, and you WILL be able to have a takeaway again, and of course the more you stick to the diet, the SOONER that will be! But then, you won't be gorging, as you won't want the weight back on.
Well done again for not giving in - that's the key! Bet you feel good about it today!!


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I can totally understand how your feeling. Its very hard being on a vlcd, and not have the treats ur used to. But its not forever, and as you said u had a fab weightloss. Just try thinking of all the lovely slim clothes u will be buying soon xx


Hi, just been reading about you, what an inspiration you are! my first weigh in tonight! but seeing what you have done so far is a fantastic reason to keep going! are you on SS, good luck!