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its never good in 'Manc land'!!!! x


Says it as it is!!!
It is TODAY!!!!! Cheeky yorkshire man!!
its never good in 'Manc land'!!!! x
Oyyyyy !!... it's been positively tropical up here today - a little brezzy I grant you but musn't grumble:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
how r ya hun, hope your well and skinny xxxxxxxx


I love my purdy shoes
im talking to you too honey xxx
im talking to you too honey xxx
I'm good - going to start setting myself some short term goals now - got a few hols and events to go to so i'll need to up the exercise regime and push the losses further. I have a way to go but so want to get back to being my gorgeous skinny self:eek::eek::eek: ( who said that !!):eek::eek::eek::eek:
you said it and YOU will !!! xxxx


Says it as it is!!!
Skinner by the day ..yeah, feeling good now i have stopped the horrid pills!! wooo hoooo! i reckon i have a month left and thats it! yay!!!
you need more than pills and a month to sort you out:D:D:D:D, although I reckon I could;) xx


Says it as it is!!!
lmfao...awww you see ...thats, what i have missed!!!!!
Your naughty yorkshire comments!!!!! hehehe
I've missed you lot too!

I am safely up here in sunny Cheshire and had a trip to Maccesfield today (the children went to the park and I went shopping - bought some lovely skinny jeans in a size 16!!!!!!!!!!! Well my 18's keep needing hicking up!)

Off to some place tomorrow that I haven't a clue about but the kids will love it. Sis is dragging me to her Body Pump class tomorrow night so think I'm looking forward to it - as long as I'm not the biggest heifer there!

My sis was totally freaked out by my appearance - she cried! Said I didn't look like her sister!!! She is over that now and totally supportive of LT - she can't believe I am sticking to it and not hungry!!!!!!! She called her MIL to come round and showed me off like a prize exhibit!!!!! She keeps taking photos and has even straightened my hair!!!!!!

It's great up here Nic, but I do miss my OH, as do the children. We are driving home Thursday morning after a busy Wednesday - I'm going off to the cinema with a load of her friends to see Mama Mia!

I mamaged to sneak on the computer but I think she is getting a bit miffed so will have to go and keep her company before she finishes another bottle of wine!!!! (she isn't really a lush!!!!!)

Glad you're having a fab time ooop North - it's great you're getting the response you deserve for all your hard work - safe journey home :)


Says it as it is!!!
Aww hun...glad you are enjoying it and i expect lots of pics on here!!!
Wooo hoo you buying 16 jeans!!
Wow, you must feel fab being flaunted to all and sundry...enjoy it hun xxx

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