Curves CD Journey


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Hi guys, I saw the link to this website on DH&H (weight loss forum) and decided to pop in and have a nose.

New to Cambridge

Well all i can say is that i am amazed at all the support and pics.

I have decided to also post my CD journey here too.

I will appreciate any support.

So far i have been fine, no headaches or anything and i must say i'm surprised because i am a real carb addict.

Today was my firsy weigh in (WI) and i lost 10lbs, i still can't believe it, it has made me even more determined to do it.

I had to get 2 weeks worth of food packs bcos of the Xmas hols. i am trying to try every flavour at least once in order to determine my preferences.

My CDC was so happy with me that she allowed me to have the bars so i bought 3 to test. I'll add a weight ticker soon.

The only regret i do have is that i didn't discover CD sooner.

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10lbs in your first week....way to go girlfriend!! :D Glad to have you with us and wish you the very best with your journey...keep us posted! :)
Thanks Karen and Diva, i really appreciate your encouragement, thanks for the mighty welcome too :)
That's a great start ! You must be pleased ! I know what you mean about not finding these Very low Calorie Diets earlier. I wish I had too, they work so well and quick results that its so motivating. Good Luck !
That's a great start ! You must be pleased ! I know what you mean about not finding these Very low Calorie Diets earlier. I wish I had too, they work so well and quick results that its so motivating. Good Luck !

Yes im soo happy. Thanks for the encouragement.

@ Lisaloo you will be fine, believe me, just stick to it sis.
I think if we had discovered it sooner it may not have been the right time for us, I am a firm believer in fate and I think that we are all here for a reason, If I had discovered it any earlier then Minimins would not have existed, and I am sure I would not be where I am now!!!!!

What a fab weight loss in your first week, you have a very similar amount to lose that I had, and believe me, if you keep going the results are more than worth it.

Well done curves, and if you need anything just shout x
Thanks guys.
@ Canireally...i agree there is a time for everything and thinking back i was not ready to follow CD like i am now.

Day 8
Choc tetra
Butterscotch tetra
Peanut crunch bar.
I have decided to stick to the tetras at work or he cappucino as it comes out quite thick and is filling. Im soo happy so far. I decided against xmas lunch but now i think ill have some chicken without the skin and some green veg and a couple roast potatoes (no oil)then get back into it the next day. I feel proud of myself as usually by this time i would have had at least 2-3 boxes of mince pies and my xmas dinner shopping lasted for abt 2 weeks. This time it will be just enough for 2 days just so i wont have to cook on boxing day, but ill stick to my shakes and try the CD recipes, so far i have only tried the chocolate muffin.
Congratulations your doing very well, 10lbs! is brill!!!

That is great motivation:)

Love Mini xxx
Thanks guys.

Day 9

Thank God i'm still on track. I had two tetras and one cranberry bar. I like the cranberry it's nice and chewy, i really felt like eating something tonight, i went into the kitchen but came right back out again and drank more water (I always have a bottle next to my bed) After xmas i'll buy the new Cambridge shaker so i can have other flavours at work without all the fuss. So far nobody has noticed i am on a diet at work or at home. Im waiting for someone to say hmm, you look like youve lost weight. I dunno if i've already said but only my fiance and one of my close friends know im SS ing.
I have decided to weigh myself just once a week at WI but ill have to weigh myself next Monday as it's Xmas day (as if you guys didn't already know.)

Thanks again for the support.

Can someone please tell me how to add a ticker to my profile.
Thanks Karen.
My 3 Day CD Break

Hi Guys,
I hope you enjoyed yourselves !!!!!!!

Xmas Eve I was invited out with my OH so i just drank sparkling water with Orange flavouring (as i had secided to take a 3 daybreak from CD)until we arrived at our friend's place there i ate but not much, i must say it felt strange and i was not able to eat much before I felt full.
On Xmas day i stuck to my CD water and had a nice xmas lunch with the family with all the trimmings, again i was not able to eat all my food so i later reheated it and finished it off (first in history :p)
Boxing day we ate the left overs, i'm quite proud of myself as i would have usually had mince pies x 100 etc. i didnt drink anything apart from my CD flavoured water.

I forgot to add that, because it was Xmas day on Monday i weighed myself (which i never do) and i had lost another 6lbs. That is 1 stone 2lbs in 2 weeks. (i missed out on a pair of shoes as my OH has promised to buy me a pair of shoes for each stone i lose.)

I know i've probably put on about 5 but am i boverrrred??? NO!!! cos i know that with CD it will be off in about a week. I'm actually looking forward to starting tomorrow as im feeling quite bloated.:)

I hope you all had an enjoyable festive period.
Just found your diary.Thanks for the post in my thread.I wish and can only dream of a loss like yours.Its amazing.If i could have 5lbs off i'd be chuffed to bits.I don't think any other diet can give you over a stone in 2weeks.Its amazing.:)
First Day of Restart

I was unable to start yesterday as planned. However i have restarted again, quite successfully but i need to drink more water. My starting weight is 19 stones exactly, so i gained a whopping 11lbs over just 4 days, i don't know where it came from though, anyway, my first mini target is to get back down to 18.3 where i was before my 4 day Xmas break.
My fiance has been invaluable, he really motivated me to get back into the swing of things, bless his cotton socks :)
I received two spring catalogues today and was visualising how i'd look when at my target weight.
I can't wait to get into the 17s, i have not been there for a while.
@ Determined, i totally agree that no other diet could aid such a weight loss in such a short time. You'll be surprised just stick to it and you'll have a lovely surprise.
Back on track

I don't usually weigh myself during the week but i want to get back down to where I was on Xmas Eve (18 stones 3 pounds) I restarted on Thursday 28th Dec at 19 stones (i know an 11lbs gain :eek: ) Nonetheless i am pleased to say i have lost 7lbs since Thursday and believe that by my WI on Monday evening i should be back down to 18.3 fingers crossed.

I just got back in and had yet to have my final foodpack so i decided to have a first shot at CD chocolate icecream, and i must say it tastes like the real thing, hmmmmm, lovely i'll have it regularly now.

I must say, i'm going to make an effort not to break from CD, be it Vals day or easter cos I found it quite hard to Start again. However, i must say that once i started it's been a breeze, no withdrawal symptoms, which i find strange because i had my fair share of rice and potatoes. Not that i'm complaining;) .

My fiance was really my saving Grace when i had to start again on Thursday, perhaps one day i'll let him read this so he will know how much he has encouraged me.
Preparation for a smaller me.

Today i have purchased (bargains) a pair of size 16 cords for £8, a size 20 dress for £12 (a beautiful red, pink and white halterneck dress) which i will have to have taken in as i have no intention of parting with it.
I am currently a size 24-26 so I'll be trying them on from time to time to spur me on.

I have decided to buy 3 weeks worth of foodpacks on Tuesday, i'll also have to swap the oriental chilli soup for the tomato as i didnt like it at all.

I'll certainly buy more bars and try the ones i havent.

Things are still going well As you know i don't like weighing myself but i will on Sunday just to see if i've been able to reach my Xmas Eve weight of 18.3. For that reason i am not going to adjust my weight ticker.

I don't really drink but i love a glass of Baileys or Irish Meadow from time to time and today i was sooooo tempted, i went to visit my God daughter and her parents were just offering me Baileys every second, i resisted though. I have found a new excuse and it seems effective, i just told them that i was feeling very sick a couple of weeks ago and my doctor diagnosed me as being seriously dehydrated and has advised me to drink at least 4 litres of water a day, they were shocked and full of "Oh No's" ;) so i just took my CD flavoured water out of my bag and started GLUGGING. problem solved!!!!!!!!