curves gym



well I have done it an committed to going today (Friday). I have been thinking about it for such a long time and they actually called me today and said they had a summer offer on. The poor girl near fainted when I said OK I will come in tomorow and sign up.

I have lost 5st so far and am in my second week of management and now I need to tone up the jelly belly. I have recently moved too so maybe this will also help me to find some like minded friends.

wish me luck and I will keep you informed on how it is going.

Well I turned up, got weighed and measured and was shown how to use the equipment.
The whole gym is laid out in a circuit with a 'board' in between each piece of equipment. You spend 30 seconds on the equipment and you follow it by doing 30 sec of specific exercises on the boards. You have to do 2 1/2 circuits and it takes 30 mins and you then follow this by stretching out. There is music on while you do the circuit and a voice tells you when to change. It was quite fun but at times 30 seconds seemed too little a time on the machines. I will be reweighed and remeasured in 1 month. It is recommended that I attend at least 3 times a week.
I am actually looking forward to going next time.

Well done you. I used to go to step classes and swimming with a friend until I moved away from my hometown. I dislike going anywhere new on my own so it took a lot for me to join a gym a couple of years ago alone (sorted through my doctor on one of these fitness for life programs)however, I pulled a muscle in my shoulder whilst doing one of the weight lifting exercises and was in a lot of pain for months. Had to have painkillers, heat treatment and physio and was unable to go to the gym. I am back to square one now having to pluck up the courage to go and begin all over again but I will do this. Don't really want to go to the same gym, wasn't overly impressed but its very expensive to go to the others in the area.
Good for you for taking the first step. Now all you need to do is make sure that you go on a regular basis :)

All that toning is going to do you heaps of good, I just wish I could be as motivated :rolleyes:
Hi Cathy
I've been going to my local Curves in North Harrow since it opened. I'd lost 2st when I started - now nearly 6 & i really think it's helping - can't say I'm becoming one of those 'gym addicts' (perish the thought) but I really miss it if I don't go.
I've lost 35 inches since I started although most is probably down to CD I guess some is also due to Curves - so keep at it!!
Good luck
Well I went Monday and today and intend on going Friday too. So far I am enjoying it. They will weigh and measure me again at the end of the month so I hope to see a couple of inches lost.