Curves with Zumba


*waves hello*
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Our Curves is starting Curves with Zumba this week - its basically a 30 min workout with one minute on all the machines and one minute Zumba moves.

One workout is being trailed tomorrow night and, the one I am going to, Wednesday night.

Anyone done this circuit?

Any thoughts?

What do you think?

I'm trying it as it might be a giggle - I'll report back.

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I do it every week, and love it. We use our smart tags so can see after each workout how many calories we have burned after half hour workout, last night was 420 cals :) x
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I haven't used it yet either.
Does everyones charge extra for this ?
Mine charges £2 to do the Zumba....each time you go.
I feel that you pay enough to be a memeber in the first place, without having to pay extra for add-ons


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My curves doesn't have zumba or the smart curves:(
Still I enjoy going anyway, although I do sometimes wish I lived near a curves that does do these things...although if there are extra charges for zumba I prob would be annoyed!!
S: 20st7.5lb C: 20st6lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.52%)
I think they charge extra for the curves smart too :(
But they market it different, as they say you cant not have it :rolleyes:
I enjoy going, so still do :)
But like all things, if they start charging willy nilly for things, it will become too expensive to still go :(


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I joined my local Curves recently...I'm curious to find out have many ladies found it helpful? I believe they also do smart curves but I wasn't told about it on sign up...I'll have to chat with one of the staff to morrow and find out more :)