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Curvy getting back to feeling good

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Curvy1, 30 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Hi all - I have just signed up for lighter life - my initial consultation is on the 1st January !

    i am a mum of 3 ranging from 14 to 9 years old, work full time as an accountant and have a lovely husband.

    the weight crept up whilst the children were young and the usual work life balance was only two way- work or kids. There was never any time for myself.... At my heaviest I was 13 st 3 . In 2008 I did the Cambridge diet and lost 3 stone I do really well and I got my life back and was exercising regularly. We moved in early 2012 and to be honest I got complacent and my weight crept up slowly at first - but bang before I knew it I had put on a stone and a half. I also blame having a more a coil put in about 6 months ago - I really believe that this has contributed to my weight gain... So I am having it out on the 7 th and going to give lighter life a go!

    I really want to do this once and really get over my battle of the the bulge - I love to exercise but struggle with the motivation- I am fine once I get there- it is just getting there!

    so my first consultation in a few days - honestly I have no idea what I weigh as I have been quite carefree over Xmas so I am sure that I have put on a few pounds so I think that I am very close or over 12 stone at the moment. I would like to get to 9 stone so I need to lose about 3 stone.

    Wish me luck
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  3. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Good luck, curvy! I did LL in 2010 and lost very nearly six stone. Best thing I ever did! It's changed my life. (currently back on here as had a mental Nov and Dec and need to rein myself in!!) just take it one day at a time to start with until you get into ketosis. Be prepared to go to bed mega early in the early days as temptation may be difficult to handle until you are in ketosis.

    Best of luck!!
  4. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Thanks x you did amazingly well !!!
  5. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Happy new year ! I hope 2013 is a fabulous year !! I met my LLC tonight - I really hope I can start from tomorrow ... I am really fed up with food I must admit I have over eaten but ready to move the next phase
  6. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Just had my first consultation - it was great until I stepped on the scales... I have out on 7lbs in 2 months I really do think my mirena coil that I have had in for 6 months has contributed to my weight gain... Either way I weighed in at 12 st 7lb.. I have joined a 3 stone in 100 days group so we are all focused n the same goal. If I can lose the 3 stone it will take me to target so I am going with total and start on Saturday.

    I am going to start to lower my carbs and up my water intake to get me started

    Determined to do this !!!

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  7. Skinny girl

    Skinny girl Full Member

    Good luck with your weight loss journey. I have done nearly 3 months now of just food packs and have lost just over 3 stone.
  8. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Good luck with the plan - stick out the first week, I promise after day 7 it'll be easier. I'm on day 1 today of a re-start, so you're not alone!
    Stay strong, you'll get there :D
  9. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Aww thank you ladies. Good luck
  10. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Minerva!! Hi! Good to see you! :)
  11. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    So Day 4 today I am in the pink and I has my first group session. We have some lovely ladies all of us are going through different issues so it was great to chat with others. I had the shep pie today - not sure about it ? It has a very strong smell and I am not sure about the taste I did add loads of Tabasco it was bearable ? I had the raspberry and cranberry crunch bar. That was sweet but ok . Done about 4 litres of water so peeing loads !!! Apart from that all is well - I think I am in the zone and determined !!!
  12. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Well done Curvy! You're doing well! :D
  13. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Well day 7 today I jumped on the scales this morning and shows 11st 13lb - so that is about 6.5 lbs down in week 1- I am pleased as I am in the 11s again ...

    I had the mirena coil out today so had the day off- very painful but glad it is out !!! Hopefully all the horrible side effects from it will wash out in the next few days .

    Pack wise I have been 100% I have had the choc shake, minestrone and nut fudge bar- I really don't want anything else... But will try the carbonara at about 8pm...

    I think I am going to swap my shep pie ( I have 4) to shakes- I really did not like it.

    Anyway still motivated to keep going. I have an evening meeting on Wednesday at an Indian restaurant !!! I am not sure what to do? I think I might try and cancel as I don't think I am ready to tell the world about the plan ... Not sure

    Anyway hot water bottle and early night for me !! I hope everyone is doing well xxx
  14. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Well, you could say you'd already eaten before coming out? And sip on water (because you may be on medication (lie if you have to!). Or you can say that your mirena coil being out is a bit painful and you'll catch up with everyone another time. :)

    Well done on the loss and the first week being done! I hope the carbonara turned out ok - I find I make it more watery rather than more 'creamy', tastes good with some extra white pepper for a zing. :)
  15. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Hi all - Well after week 1 I can record 7lbs drop which is fantastic! I am back at work today - I have already had a shake for breakfast and a bar for lunch - The pasta was OK, but way too watery... I might just stick to shakes, bars and soups for the time being...

    I have cancelled the dinner meeting tomorrow, i decided that it was too much effort and i dont want to be in ny compromising positions (yet)

    Overall I am feeling great - a bit cold and I do get the moments when all I do is think about food. My DH is being very supportive, i think he finally reaslises that this is very important to me and it needs commitment.. I feel better now I not on hormones i really do believe that they were making me misrerable.

    Kids are all back to school so routine is good! - My youngest who is 9 is a cheeky monkey and he has mentioned that mummy needs to lose soooo much weight !!! kids are soo honest...

    Have a great day
  16. X~Libby~X

    X~Libby~X Full Member

    I agree on the honesty of kids. One of the reception girls that I work with told me my legs were fat in my first week there. Sometimes I need to remind myself why I choose to work with them!

    Glad things are looking up for you and well done on the loss! I can't wait for my first WI but it's not til Sunday. Last time on the plan I lost 6lbs in my first week but i'm hoping for a little more this time round as I'm a bit heavier lol

  17. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    I'm sure that you will do fab ! Keep me posted
  18. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    having a bad moment - My head is really telling me that i need food - I am glugging the water but it seems to be making it worse.... Am i hungry? I ask myself - well i think that I am?? - I have not moved away from plan so I must still be in ketosis.... one thing that I was thinking is that maybe the bars are making me feel hungry?? I had my bar at lunchtime - and now i feel I need more.. Has anyone else noticed this?? maybe I should have my bar as my last meal before bed.... only problem with that is that I dont really want to bring shakes to work - I am trying to keep the plan quiet - I really cant be doing with all the questions (yet)... not sure. I could have a soup and make it out it is a cup-a soup... ok rambling over. I am going to try and do a few pages of my workbook journal tonight. I want to make a start on getting my head in order....
  19. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    In reality - we do feel hungry, yes. I know I do, but I just try to ignore it. After all, think about it - we're consuming 600 calories per day, when rationally the minimum (for our basic functions) is supposed to be 1200.

    The process of ketosis masks the hunger and we slowly get used to the hollowness. Stick to it, drink hot drinks - they really do help.

    The easy way to tell real hunger apart from other types of hunger are - when you have real hunger you'd eat ANYTHING - doesn't even matter what. Emotional hunger CALLS for something specific, and chemical hunger is triggered by an image, a smell or thought - your brain sends signals to the stomach in anticipation and produces some acid "in preparation". It goes away after 10 mins or so.
    So next time you're hungry, have a think about what could have caused it ;)
  20. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Hi Curvy. When I was on LL I used to sometimes get the munchies after I had a bar. I only tried a few times with the sns ones: every time they would trigger a big sugar binge for me, so I don't have them any more. I'm sure the carbs are carefully counted, so it's probably psychological, but I found it too stressful battling hunger (whether real or psychological) after a bar and easier just not to have them.

    ((hugs)) you're not alone!
  21. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Well nearly the end of day 8 it has been a tough day - I have been thinking that maybe my fizzy water may be making me hungry. I am going to try and go stick to plain water tomorrow...

    Time to do a few pages on my journal and then bed.. To help motivate me I have built a spreadsheet charting my weight loss it is so motivational seeing the line go down...typical accountant

    Have a good night - tomorrow is another day

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