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ProPoints Curvy_lass's debut food diary! DAY 1!


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Hello guys, welcome to the world of me!

My name is Curvy_lass, I'm 22 and I'm a children's nurse :) I have battled my weight for nearly 10 years now. I was always slim and sporty/active as a child but when I hit my teens and I got free rein to the vending machines at secondary school the weight PILED on.

Right now, I'm about 15 stones 4lb and at only 5ft4 my BMI is sky high. With a family history of cardiac disease and diabetes (type II) I think I need to get this weight off. But not only for health reasons, I see pictures of myself and I want to vomit! I am seriously disgusting!

Tomorrow I hope to post my daily food diary - I just hope by sharing with MiniMins it'll give me that boost to keep at it.
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I need chocolate now!!!
We are all here to support you and spur you on Curvy Lass!


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Hey folks, I need some propoint help here - I cannot find my calculator anywhere so haven't got a clue what the values are.

> approx 40g cornflakes with skimmed milk
> cup of standard tea with approx 10ml skimmed milk

> handful of nuts, seeds and fruit (small amount in palm of hand)
> about 5 mini cocnut turkish delight squares
> glass of weak cordial

> x2 slices of bergen bread, 5g butter, 90g roast chicken breast with 1tbsp of extra light may and 1tsp of curry powder with lettuce
> Blackcurrant 0% Shape yogurt

> apple
> Tesco's light cranberry bar

> home-made shepherd pie, large portion. Couldn't tell you weight of mince but it's lean mince: made with 1tbsp garlic paste (2PP), about 6 medium/large potatos boiled and mashed with 10g butter and 30ml double cream. This was enough to make 4 portions, I've had one today and will have second tomorrow for my lunch.
> broccoli
> 3 tbsp of sweetcorn

> tropical fruit lolly

If anyone could help me get the PP values for any of the above I'd really appreciate - even the approximates would really help.

Thanks :)
Was a little scared of signing up on Minimins - was convinced I'd be only newbie - how wrong was I?!
You've done well so far - keep it up :)

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