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cysts, boils, cold sores, what's going on ?

:cry: I have come out the most massive lumps under my armpit and on my inner thighs. I'm not sure what the heck they are cyst's, or big boils or what, they are so sore i've had next to no sleep for a few days. I've also broke out in massive cold sores on my lips and i've never had one of those in my life. :cry:

Has anyone else had anything like this happen, I'm just starting week 8 so this diets not new anymore and i've lost a couple of stone and apart from a few blips it's working so why this now.

I've booked in at the doctors but can't get in till next tuesday so thats not much help. :sigh:

My oh and sister think i can't be getting all i need from shakes and must be run down and lacking something to break out like this. I'm scared doctor will say the same and advise me to stop but ive got loads to go yet. :jelous:

Any suggestions guys?????? :confused:
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Oooo gosh - sorry to hear you're suffering with these. They sound really uncomfortable.

Personally I don't think they can have anything to do with the diet. I've been around here for several months now and I've never seen anyone else mention anything similar. I HAVE heard of the condition though but don't know what causes it.

Hopefully your GP won't automatically blame LT and recommend you stop. Even if he/she was to suggest it you could always ask him/her to treat you like they would anyone else first.

Good Luck and I hope you get sorted out soon. x
Thanks Jan, I'm in blooming agony, can't cross my legs cant lay on my left side but if i lay on the right the weight of my arm makes em sore and stops me sleeping and my face looks like the elephant man with my lips. I've never felt so sore and uncomfortable in my life. lol.

can't get in the docs either.....OMG WHAT TO DO!!!!!


maintaining since June'09
Why don't you call NHS direct? x


maintaining since June'09
0845 4647 & there 24hrs a day ... x
Do you have any allergies? changed washing powder or anything?
Are you still have the same combination of shakes that you've done all way through?

How much more do you have to lose?
Does anywhere else hurt my sister got lumps and cold sores for first time in her life couldnt sleep and they were causing her pain turned out to be shingles. Cant you get an emergency appointment?


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It can happen if you are run down. I do believe they are associated with swollen glands (but dont quote me on it!) and I know people who have have it in their arm pits. Is the lump at the top of your leg where it joins onto your body and if you press there that is where the lump is? Best thing to do is see your doctor if they are painful, but from the sounds of it you are run down and may be sickening for something-sorry :-( .

Hope you get it sorted soon and are feeling much better :)

Take Care and let us know how you get on
I'm so sorry you are suffering, hun, please ring the help line Jan gave you or see your GP urgently. Tell us how you get on.
HI hun, it could be that your body is releasing toxins, too, however as you are so far into the diet, I would imagine it is more likely the shingles idea, so sorry hun, but if this is the case you have to be seen immediately, as they can cause serious health problems if not seen to, please ring NHS or your local A&E,

Let us know how you are doing

Anna x
Thanks ladies,

I looked things up on nhs direct on the net but that just leads to breast cancer pages. I have phoned the surgery again but they wont budge on the appt. I don't feel feverish or faint or anything just miserable and sore and a face like the elephant man is just vanity, lol. (Wont be leaving the house for a while).
The lumps are more thighs than groin area but still sore, tried having a squeeze but just bruised now and more sore so won't try that again.
Armpit lumps are very painfull well one is one isn't. I have had chicken pox in my twenties so shingles is a good possibity. Might call surgery again and put that to em maybe then I can get in.

Thanks for help ladies.

Jo x x x

mini goals
first stone gone. done :D
to drop a dress size. done :D
to lose 2 stone. done :D
to lose 3 stone.
To shrink outta these clothes and get the real babies out the loft.
to try not to fall off the wagon again untill goal

wk 1 -7.5lb :p:D
wk 2 -6.5lb 1 stone gone :D
wk 3 -1.5lb :sigh: (TOTM)
wk 4 -6lb :eek:
wk 5 + 7lb :copon::break_diet:
wk 6 - 11.5lb :D:D:D
wk 7 -2.5lb :sigh: (TOTM)
wk 8 (it better be a good one)



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This may have nothing to do with your diet. It could be just that your lymph nodes are enlarged because you're fighting off some kind of infection. Take things a little easy until you know what's up (& no squeezing, it's going to hurt!)
Hiya, Im no doc but I have had the same on my groin, my was follicilitus(spelling) infected hair follicle, I have had it before and I personally think mine is caused from shaving. I was given a prescription from my nurse for Antibiotics however I wasnt sure if I could take them on Lipotrim. I have managed to get rid of mine with boiling salty water and neat tea tree oil as I googled it and apparently this was the best method. Good luck! And I know how painful it can be!! x
DONT SQUEEZE THEM YA NUTTER YOU'LL MAKE THEM WORSE!!! once we have been weighed on tueday you go sort them out i think he will give you some bactoban cream which brings cysts and boils to a head and helps them come out i think they have always been there but because of the layers you had you never felt them dont worry doc abz will sort ya out xxxxxxx


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Hey Jojoknott,

I used to get them all the time, they r sooo painfull. My doctor explained me that 90% have the herpes virus (the virus that causes coldsores) in them and that 40% in actual fact get them, but it can happen that u never get them in your life and then Boom it can be triggered. This is due to a run down Immune system which is normal during the Diet.

You can talk to ur doc, there is a brilliant antibiotic cream which gets rid of the furuncles and talk to him if u maybe able to take some additional vitamins to boost up ur Immunesystem. Doing sports on it own helped me as it builds up ur immune system twice as much as vitamins!

Hope that was any help!


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I will do this!!!
Hey i work in the histology department at my local hospital. Large lumps found under the armpits and on the inner theighs are usually inflamed lymph nodes. They are basically filters that help control infections etc. They usually swell up if your getting a cold etc. I can asure you that it has nothing to do with the diet!!!! i should know iv talked to pathologists at work in depth about this diet. I would go to your gp as soon as possible to get them checked out. Just to put your mind at rest if you have breast cancer the lymph nodes do swell under the armpit because they get canerous but the ones in your thighs wouldn't swell as well. Like i said the pathologist at work asures me its not the diet so dont let anyone tell you different - you get everything the body needs to survive from these shakes! Hope this helps


maintaining since June'09
Thanks for that. I didn't think this would be a GP & pharmacy programme if it was known to have such a detrimental effect on the immune system. x


I will do this!!!
I do the diet through my doctors so if it was harmful im sure they wouldn't let me do it, or anyone! I dont like it when people comment on this diet when they dont know the facts. Oh well im happy with the diet and thats all that matters :)
Well still couldn't get in docs till tuesday, still got the cold sores and the lumps have settled but still there. (Not anywhere near as sore) My OH made me eat some food and drink some orange juice for vit C as he thinks i'm very run down. It's only a couple of days and as soon as i've seen docs and got myself sorted out it's back on to it again. I am determined to get to my 10stone goal for hols and got plenty of time to get there.

Thanks ladies for all your comments and advice, you do hear so many different opinions about this diet it's interesting just reading them all.

Hope you all enjoying the beautiful sunshine today and will fill you in on what gp says on tuesday and add another opinion to our collections. lol

Take care x x x x x x

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