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daily diary of the smithys

hi started this thread in the wrong place. sorry.

Thursday 16.09.10

Break:1 Weatabix (choc)
Lunch:Jacket Spub Beans
Supper:Veggie Mince Spag Bol SW Chips
Snacks:1 Weatabix (choc)
Muller Light Yogurt


5 Black Coffee 4 Water (2lt)
150 ml Skimmed milk. (Can not have a lot of milk as asthmatic)
2 Syns for the Choc in Weatabix

All thoughts welcome:)
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Was this Green or Extra Easy? If it's EE, I'd say you need to add in some more superfree to your meals. If it was Green, you should have had an extra Hex B (so could have had 2 Choc Weetabix each time for just another two syns!)

Also noticed you didn't have a full Hex A, could you make it up with, for example, cheese on the jacket potato/spag bol if you can't have much milk? :)
thanks for you thoughts laura, I was doing a green day. Will love to have extra choc weatahix I love them. hadnt thought about HEA cheese. will add the HEA to diet. ta

17/09/10- green day

breakfeast: 3 egg omelett, plus muller light strw. yoghurt
lunch: cheese and tom sandwich (HEA and HEB)
Suppa: pasta shells, with fresh sliced fresh tom and kraft fat free dressing.
4 coffee 2 cups of water.
Snacks: 2 weatabix (50ml skimmed)

went to the cinema, and had 2 scoops of Benny & Jerrys Choc and Brownie ice.
So naughty

18/09/10 - EE

Breakfast: Scrambled egg & 2 slices wholemeal bread.
Lunch: eaten out salad with sliced chicken (huge salad with leaves, tom, onion, peppers)
Suppa: road chicken sandwich (skin off)
2 slices wholemeal
Snack: packet of bacon fries, shared large choc bar (350g) 3 sticks.
Drinks: 4 coffee, 125ml glass wine (lunch). Small bottle of carlsburg beer)

Total fell off. But today is another day.

Went out to see monster jam trucks. Came home early, as stepson son hated the noise. Even though he had industry size ear muffs. Fedup, fell off plan.
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19/09/10 - Green day

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, 2 wholemeal toast, beans (HEB)
Lunch: 2 small jacket spun, cheese, salad(lettice, toms, carrotts) (HEA)
Suppa: risotto plain and sided order of roast veggi (carrots, onions).
Snacks: Muller Light Strw yogurt. 2 Weatabix
Drinks: 5 cups coffee

adding superfoods to shopping list for tomorrow. today is end of week fridge day.

note: we didnt have risotto for dinner. Instead I had noodles and stry fried mushrooms from the chinese.
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Breakfast: 2 Apples and 2 Wheatabix (Choc) and 50ml skimmed (HEA) + (HEB)
Lunch: 2 Small Jacket Spud, with 1 babybel, grated carrot and 4 toms. (HEA)
Dinner: Bean and Quorn Sausage stew (Onions, Carrott, Leaks, Garlic, Fresh Toms, Passatta).
Snacks: 2 Muller Yogurts, 2 Wheatbix (Choc). (HEB)
Frozen summer fruit (strw, blueberries, etc) with muller yogurt over the top.
Drinks: 5 Coffee (need to drink more water)

Exercise: Cleaning and WII Sports
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21/09/2010 - Green Day

Breakfeast : 2 Apples and Scrambled egg (60ml Skimmed) on wholemeal toast x 2 (no butter). (1 tbsp of ketchup) (HEA and HEB)
Lunch : Leak and Potatoe soup home made.(with vegan stock and glaric, herbs).
Suppa: Pasta with kraft light french dressing and toms
Snacks : apple, 2 wheatabix (50ml skimmed), packet of space raiders (3 syns) (HEA and HEB)
Drinks: 3 coffee 4 pints of water

5 Syns so far

Excerise : Walking dog, Wii Sport
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22/09/2010 - Red Day

Breakfast: boiled egg (2) on wholemeal toast (1) (HEB)
Lunch: Leak and Potato soup (left over)
Dinner : Steak, new potatoes (small x 4 no butter), peas, pir pir sauce (2syns) salad leaves, tom, onion, cumber, sweatcorn, red devil (spash of 3 syns normally, only counting 1.5)
Snacks: Light Noodles x 2 and 28g low fat cheese
Drinks : 5 coffee 4 pint water, 2x125ml chardonay (8 syns)

Exercise : House work 1hr. WII Tennis.

tough day today, glad i have stuck in syns 11.5 syns.

received some great motiviation from minimins thanks guys
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Breakfast : non felt really sick first thing this morning. better now.
Lunch : Jacket potatoe x 2 42g low fat cheese
Suppa : SW Chips with home made quorn chilli (mushrooms, onions, carrot, garlic, baked beans, kidney beans, passata, chilli whole fresh, seasoning jerk 1 tps level) (3 syns divided by 2 people 1.5)
Drinks : 2 coffee

Exercise : non yet feel awful.

comments are welcome, if you guys see i am doing something wrong please let me know.


Breakfast: 3 toms, 1 wholemeal toast, mushrooms fried (2 syns EVOO tsp) (HEB)
Lunch : Jacket potatoe, tuna 113g & mayo estra light 1 tbsp, spring onion (1/2 syn)
Snacks : Cherry Muller Yogurt.
Drinks : 3 coffee

Exercise : Zumba 1hr class tonight.

Syns 2.5 so far
24/09/10 evening, 25/09/10 and 26/09/10

not going to bother posting my food diary for these 2 days and 1 evening. completely fell off the heathly eating. munched on rubbish.

starting a fresh today.

starting a fresh.

Breakfast : 1 wholemeal toast and 1tsp maralade (HEB) 0.5 syn
Lunch : Jacket spub, 42g cheese low fat (HEA)
Suppa : Veggie Stew (leaks, carrotts, parsnips, butter bean (ss) garlic, vegan stock, passatta, fresh and dried herbs)
Snacks : muller yogurt fat free with frozen summber fruit & low fat rice pubbing (1/2 can) 1 level tsp cocount desercated (2.5 syns) (8 syns), 2 Weatabix (choc) (HEA) (2syns choc), Mug shot x 1
Drinks : 5 cups, 2 pints.

12.5 syns
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Breakfast : 1 Wholemeal toast and Maralade (HEB) (1 SYN tsp)
Lunch : 1 Wholemeal toast, fresh toms, mushrooms fried, egg fried. EVOO for frying (HEB) (4 syns).
Suppa :harvester steak, new potatoes (4) pease.
Drinks : 6 cups of coffe
Snacks : Mug shot, muller yogurt.
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Breakfast : 1 Wholemeal Toast, Baked Beans (HEB)
Lunch : 1 Jacket Potatoe, 42g low fat cheese (HEA)
Suppa : Sheppards Pie (veggie mince, onion, carrots, parnships, peas, vegan stock, passata, tom sauce. EVOO 2 tsp (4 syns)
Snacks : Muller yogurt cherry (Light)
Drinks : Lost acount of cups of coffee, busy day.

4 syns
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Breakfast : Non runnng late
Lunch : Last Nights Sheppards pie
Suppa : Chicken Jalfrzie ( 6.5 syns )
Snacks : Low fat cheese (28g), 4 toms, (HEA)
Drinks : 4 Coffee 2 White wine (9 syns)

15.5 syns total

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