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daily point help plz :) wi update :):)


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Hi all :D

At the moment im on 24 points a day and for past 2 weeks i have not budge really on scales but thats probably due to not going toilet with being on codeine for pain in arm, and waiting to go to hossi for a Colposcopy which in its self has worried me.:cry:

I was wondering basically if i did 18-20 points a day (20 being the weekend) would that do any harm and would that boost my weight loss again?? It says fast start if over 14st do 22 but surely a week can do no harm :)

I have brought some super green tea diet capsules as i think my metabolism is slow hopefully this will boost it for me

many thanks in advance for helping me out on this one
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Yes but fast start plan is fine but if i follow that then i should be on 22 points not 18 as im over 14stone, will that still matter??


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Jacqui, wow, I have to say that you are an inspiration, you're still sticking to the ww plan and willing to drop points too even when you're ill. :talk017:

I hope the toilet issue sorts itself out soon, that can be quite uncomfortable for you and I guess that's why the scales have not been on your side lately.

Good luck with your hospital visit.
Sorry, I can't help with the points situation.

Actually, with regards to the toilet issue, when I was on the Cambridge Diet loads of us used to take psyllium husks as they contain fibre and it's a natural remedy.
If you were to take them, please research them regarding ww points and your health situation. They are natural fibre but like anything, you just need to see if they're suitable for you to take. xxx
yes i would advise you do the kick start plan using 22 points and take something fibreous from the health food shop to get everything moving for you. I have porridge every morning and the mornings that i feel slugish I normally have point (approx 20g) of all bran on top of the porridge and that normally helps.

It can be very disheartened not moving on scales but try keep the positivity up and think once the injury has healed for you, you can get back to the exercise side of things and this will help the scales move!

Let us know how you get on
Hi how are you working that you can have 24 points a day?

Age ?
Female 3 points
Daily life do you allow points for that are you on your feet all day?

Im on just 23 points a day
I was Monday
5ft 2 1 point
aged 40 3 points
weight 16 stone 16 points
Female 3 Points
Im not on my feet alot,have 3 chuldren and on the go and exercise but not walking around all day 0 points

I see your taller than me and probably younger.

The points just try 22 and see what happens,not being too personal but I go to the loo alot as I have bad IBS and some food intolerences and I dont find I lose more because of this,thou I suppose if your not going at all youd see a gain?

Is there not another medication that you can go on? Maybe talk to your doctor and say they disagree with you?
I hope the scales start moving I know after my last weigh in was -1lb I was disheartened so know you must feel :(,but as said super well done for sticking at it xx


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Hope things get moving soon Jacqui ;) codeine can do that to some people.

I would stick to the ww rules they are there for a reason - try 22 points for a week and review from there. As you have been unwell it is even more important than usual to make sure your food intake is healthy.

Good luck


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Thank you all xxxx

Well lost 1.5lbs today and well chuffed so i reckon i will carry on as i dropped a point today anyways, also i am having a week of eating chicken, turkey and fish to see if that helps as changing my meat and stuff to give myself something different.

Also have treadmill upstairs in son's bedroom and he got sky up there so if i put kerrang on really loud and walk for half hour and good speed every day i should blooming shift something next week as i want to get my 5% off soon woop woop

thanks again all xxx :D

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