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Daily Thread 16/01

Thank Crunchie it's Friday:)

OK so the weekend is upon us which is great but for some it will be a challenge to stay on plan with the diet.

What are you doing at the the weekend and how to you think you will be able to stay on plan?

Right I'm off to take son no2 to nursery. I'll be around later.

Have a good day everyone

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Stubborn tortoise
Hi everyone... was up at 4.30 today & considered posting a new thread for today, but feeling so grumpy & sleep-deprived I didn't dare... would have set the wrong tone for everyone's day! Didn't sleep at all last night - neurotic howling dog, howling wind/rain, howling/angry husband who couldn't get any sleep... sigh!!!! Anyway, feel better after a curl up on sofa & bowl of porridge.
Off to town today, taking my elderly mum shopping... should be fine, apart from the bit where she tries to make me eat a plate of chips/cream cake 'because this silly diet has gone on long enough!' Sigh AGAIN!!! She doesn't get it really, and I have to remember that and just smile sweetly while sipping my mint tea!
Hope everyone has a fabby day...
Morning! I'm off to see my CDC this morning. Collecting my order which includes bars, yay! Day 13 for me and still storming along :) xx
I'm back!

Was going to stay in town and do some shopping but its abit dreich so decided to come home and have a cuppa. I must admit I do love having the house to myself, doesn't happen very often though.

My resolve is rubbish so I stood on the scales this morning and have lost 7lbs since Monday. I'm really hoping that this will keep me focused over the weekend before my official weigh in on Monday.


Stubborn tortoise
Fantastic Jac... stay focused and you might even shift a bit more!!! Off to town now...
Hi everyone!
Havent had a great week this week. Had a good weigh in on Monday losing 7lb but then Wednesday just went a bit pear shaped on the food front. Still had a good day yesterday with only shakes and water and feeling positive day. Stepped on the scales this morning as well and looks like any damage has been undone, so onwards and downwards!

Just have to get through the weekend now. Sat nights are always the worst but hopefully can persuade hubby to go to the cinema again. Find that is great for distraction as takes up most of the evening by the time you get there, watch a film, drive back etc and am perfectly happy with my bottle of water.

Roll on Monday for the 2nd weigh in!!
I find weekends hard due to the lack of routine. That and the fact DH and the two boys are constantly here!

On Sat we are off in search of some fancy pants carpet for the hall. Not sure whats happening on Sunday yet. If the weathers good we may go for a walk up by Loch Lomond or Loch Tay.

Oh and I want to see that Frost Nixon film.
hubby home tonight:D;) only till sunday this week, oh the joys of our life!!

Got fil 60th birthday, I am driving but we have a box at the dogs:8855: so food will be there, not sure yet but going to make good choices if I have to sit down for a meal, if not I will have a bar whilst hiding in the loo:8855:

have a fab weekend everyone
TGIF everyone! I am in the midst of my 3rd cheat free day. I am trying hard, and appreciate hearing all your news and stories which give me support and keep me from thinking about eating. How is everyone doing since lunch time?



Stubborn tortoise
Hi Quizz, have to confess my first cheat in 10 days... two tomatoes dipped in salt. Know it could be worse, but still... not sure why but crave tomatoes lately!!! So tired today after sleepless night & work is going so slowly, maybe that's why I'm a bit wobbly. Anyway, well done on your newly fab track record... yay!!!!


Stubborn tortoise
Quizz, nope, not hungry. Just little voice in my head that said, mmm, a tomato won't hurt... and once I'd eaten one, I ate another just for the hell of it. I think it's a pale shadow of my former binge-eat behaviour resurfacing, I thought I was safe on SS but feeling so tired and fed up definitely chipped away at my defences. Lost a morning's work taking mum to town (do this every week) so really needed to catch up this affy.... and have hardly done a thing. As you can tell, MM window is open on my desktop as a welcome distraction/ source of reassurance!!! Will keep plugging on anyway.
Yes, we can do this... I am confident the Tomato Disaster will not lead anywhere else, not now anyway. You're right, if we keep cheering each other on we will get there!!! Thanks for the support.
I see you are from rural scotland. I love Scotland. I used to go there for work once in awhile to Dumfries which was lovely.

I have to say I am a binger myself. Do you have a special stratgey to get through the w/e? xx


Stubborn tortoise
Hey Quizz, Dumfries is our nearest big(!!!) town, but it's about an hour away! It is beautiful here but pretty grim today... wet, windy, cold!!!!
I am just starting to tackle the binge-eat issues really, currently reading a Gillian Riley book called Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating. Early days but there's a lot of good stuff in there.
The weekends for me are not so different from weekdays for me as I work from home, so will still be plugging away. Hopefully catch up a bit tomorrow. Husband is working tomorrow but kids are around... we have a party tomorrow night which may be a challenge but food is buffet style so nobody will be making me eat it... be interesting to see how I cope. Fingers crossed! How bout you?
I work from home mostly too! That is such a coincidence. The w/e are a struggle for me, sometimes I go to bed early to avoid mindless eating. I think I will check out that book. Learning how not to binge to try to suffocate my feelings and treat food as fuel would be amazing. prior to CD I used food to reward myself for all kinds of things which is not great. xx


Stubborn tortoise
I think the whole point of CD for me is to get a breathing space to work out the reasons for my overeating and more importantly, to change... didn't know that until I took food out of the picture though! I think there must be lots of us who have our own battles with this. If you scan back a page or two in the CD 100% forum there is a thread called Emotional Eating - Any Advice which helped me lots, too - there are some v. sussed people on this site and their experience is pretty inspiring.
Quizz, keep in touch over the weekend... we can support each other.
Well I'm on day 2 today and things are going good. I felt tired, achey, heavy and stroppy when I got up this morning but feel a lot better as the day has gone on.

I'm a childminder so being at home preparing food for children, it's tough not to pick.

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