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Daily weighing

I'm weaning myself off slowly am down to every other at the moment.
I used to weigh myself every morning and every night but since starting exante have been resisting the urge have managed to not do that.
did weigh myself sunday tho, 3 days before weigh in day, needed a boost :)


really trying again!
I struggle with this too- tell myself not to but then can't resist! Had WI yesterday and lost 3 lbs then got on again today and down another 2.5- how does that happen? Wish I hadn't got on tho as bet that's my loss for the week now!
I can't stop myself either! it does help me perk up a bit when iv lost so most of the time it's helpful but it's obsessive! My battery's are running low and the scales are blinking at me lol I'm hoping they last until the morning so that i can do this weeks official weigh in and then try not to buy any battery's until next Tuesday afternoon x I once promised I'd only weigh every other week, that lasted about an hour! My husband even hid the scales and removed the battery cover so that the battery's wouldn't stay in but I found the scales and some silver duck tape to tape the battery's in... I'd love to know how to quit my addiction too x
It panics me when I weigh myself and if i've not lost, I run around grumpy. My poor family. Then it comes weigh in night, i wear same clothes and have only maintained once and that wasn't eating too much that was eating to little
I wear myself daily, whether I lose or not its fine, so long as its not 142kg/22st 3lbs my start weight lol. I only stick to the Wed WI though, by midmorning I would`ve forgotten my unofficial WI most days lol. I haven`t used ketosticks since early Jan, so am good.


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I do not weigh myself at all. I was a scales junkie and it is very unhealthy. I know not weighing at all is a bit extreme and a weekly weigh in is perfectly fine but I could not do that and if the scales showed that I had STS/not lost much/put on I was so down that it would wreck my diet completely. So now I use my clothes as my guide and I feel so much happier about it all. I did weigh just before my holiday and I was goal -1lb.........I am now on holiday and have certainly put weight on because my clothes are tighter but I will not weigh myself when I get home I will just go straight back on Exante until my clothes feel ok again. It works for me xx


Here we go again!
When doing LT I used to weigh everyday. I never had a gain but I didn't like seeing the STS. I now only weigh once a week on my weigh in day. I think that will bring a nice surprise every week. That's the plan anyway!
I'm going to try really hard not to weigh myself till next Tuesday it's just so addictive. I don't think I would be able to do it judging my clothes though so well done Bernice that must take some will power x
I weigh daily and nightly. I tried once to not, but it didn't happen. I have changed my mindset though and don't get too bothered by what it says.
I threw out my scales ... Luckily none of my friends or family have scales at their houses for some reason so I pop into my local boots every week and get weighed :)

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I'm going to try really hard not to weigh myself till next Tuesday it's just so addictive. I don't think I would be able to do it judging my clothes though so well done Bernice that must take some will power x
Hi Hannah thanks but it's not so much will power that stops me from weighing it's the feeling of utter despondence if my best efforts are not rewarded on the scales. In the past it has been enough to totally knock me off course and to be ultra critical of myself............now I just notch one day at a time under my belt with the knowledge that at the end of the week/month that my clothes will be bigger on me................it works for me!!!!! :D
I wish I could do away with the scales. Im really bad for weighing myself 5 - 10 times a day. I even catch myself sleep walking stripping off my PJ's so I can get weighed in the middle of the night.


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I'm really bad too for weighing myself. In the morning and at dinner time trying to work out what I'll be at on weigh in night.

Managed to break a bit of the habit when we went away weekend.
thought id bump this as im interested in other peoples weighing habbits x

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