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Dangerous 2+ weeks!


Finding inspiration
I have a bunch of annual leave to use up. The next time I'm in work now is the 31st of March! Which is great... I can be a lady of leisure! The trouble is, I find the day to day structure of work easy for making sure I have the right things for lunch, etc. Especially as I have to pack things and eat only what I bring. But now I'm just home... it's going to be hard! Plus I'm going on holiday for four days later this week. Yikes!! This will be a true test of my will!:eek: Still, the weather is nice and I spent almost all day yesterday working out in the garden. I kept myself very busy. Maybe that's the key... keep finding busy (and physical) tasks to occupy my time!
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
How nice a break from work!!!
What you could do is prepare your lunches as if you were at work and that way they would be prepared without you being tempted.
Enjoy your days off though Huni, don't panic too much!


Full Member
Good luck Minders! Enjoy your time off!! I find keeping busy helps me :D
Just try and keep busy. Pretend like you're at work and give yourself set times to eat - or plan when you're going to eat and eat at that time. But most of all, enjoy the time off!
I was gong to say the same as Mrs V, prepare everything as if you were going to work and try to stick to it, if you feel you want more just pick on fruit xxx


Finding inspiration
There's a bit of my back garden that needs clearing out and dug over and grass planted. It's a sunny day so I think that may be today's fridge distraction! ;)


Trying again!!!
Enjoy your hols and your break from work. I agree with the others - keeping yourself busy really works, gardening is great exercise too !xx
Yay...lovely gardening and time off! :)

I love time off work! (Ok, who doesn't!) But I actually find it easier to be a good SWer when I'm off. Nice big breakfasts of eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. I can take time to create lovely tasty lunches instead of sandwiches or jacket and beans. I can make my dinner in the afternoon and create tasty casseroles and slow-cooking curries or whatever....

Perhaps think of it that way? Instead of worrying that you won't be able to stick to plan cos you're not in your usual work routine, as well as occupying yourself with other active tasks, get planning some meals you wouldn't usually have time or inclination to prepare. Spend time researching recipes and browsing the aisles and markets.

I am envious of your time off! Enjoy it :)


Finding inspiration
I did well yesterday... after pootling about the house for most of the morning, and having a light breakfast, I went outside at around 11am and started doing this and that in the garden. One thing led to another and I not only completed that enormous task of digging over, levelling and planting up an area of lawn (which involved taking away four loads of excess soil!), but I also overhauled part of the front garden as well. It was 6:30pm before I realised what the time was! I didn't even stop for lunch! I did have a plum at around 2:30 when my neighbour stopped to talk to me. It wasn't my intention to work straight through like that, or to miss lunch. It just happened! I had a yummy tea though... lots of leftover veg and potato from the night before... yep... Bubble & Squeak. With a little bit of leftover meat, and some leftover stewed tomatoes. A weird combination, but it's nice to use up the leftovers and it was all really yummy.

So that's one very successful and productive day... today I have some friends to see and a long hair appointment. So that will keep me busy for a while too! :D


Finding inspiration
My back isn't thanking me... but the garden is. It's looking amazing. That job has needed doing for a couple years but I just keep putting it off because it's such a mammoth task!

Now I need to clear away the junk from the back of the house, sweep up all the dirt, etc, and get the pressure washer out and blitz the back of the house. Oh my god, it's going to be SOOOOOO much better! I can't wait!
Loving that positive attitude. You sound so motivated! And think of the calories you'll be burning... blimey!


soon to be skinny minnie
I'm needing to take a leaf out of your book and get out and do my garden, think of all the body magic you have achieved!!
Well done! You should take before and after photos! Well, I guess the 'before' ones would be rather tricky to take now....LOL ;)
Have a great time off. Perhaps you could do a little veggie patch, grow some runner beans they are very productive.:)


Finding inspiration
Well done! You should take before and after photos! Well, I guess the 'before' ones would be rather tricky to take now....LOL ;)
I know! I always think about it afterwards... :rolleyes:

Ladylite, I don't have much space to grow veggies, but I do grow runner beans every year. It wouldn't be summer without them!

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