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  1. Cardiio

    Cardiio New Member

    Lost a lot of weight , over 250lbs to be exact !
    I turned my life around ... Then regained about 20lbs .... I'm down , paranoid and feeling urgh , I know compared to what I've lost and what I have done so far this is nothing , but when you get used to wearing certain clothes and being a certain size it's all very real .

    I hate getting on my bus/train to work incase ppl notice .
    I won't go to my usual gym incase they notice
    I hate going out to public places on. My own :(
    I won't see friends I have not in a while as I'm paranoid about my gain .

    So I need to sort this and start again 100 percent !
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  3. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    bless you love think of the postives you have done you have lost so much weight which is amazing you will have that 20lb of in no time x x x
  4. Kim McNulty

    Kim McNulty New Member


    I know exactly how you feel. I came out of a serious relationship three years ago and was about 14st.. I then lost about 3st and was a healthy shape and size.. I have now put the majority of it back on since meeting someone new. I feel fat and frumpy around my friends as though all seem to be so skinny compared to me and I feel isolated from everyone.

    It's hard to push past it but you need to think positive. I have set myself up to do SlimFast and exercise for 30mins every day (to start with) when I start feeling healthier I will increase this.

    Whenever I feel low I will look at an old photo of myself and say I will be like that again .. Instead of feeling crap about it I change it around to a positive..

    Hope this helps you but keep positive as hard as it is! :)
  5. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    good on you kim x x
  6. lellykins88

    lellykins88 Bear-nana

    I'm also in the same boat, lost lots of weight, felt good, met someone new, got engaged - put weight on!! I'm determinded to lose it in the next 18months so i can maintain before the wedding and hopefully get it under control!! :) xx
  7. diviajar

    diviajar Full Member

    Wow! You've lost a lot! You're right to keep a close watch, but never forget what you've achieved.


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