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Danielle's Diary

Firstly I'd like to say hello to all of you and good luck with your goals! It is great to be able to read of others experiences and get support, I think I've worn my husband's ears out with all my complaining about my weight lol

A little about me... I'm a 25 year old who has struggled with my weight a lot. At my biggest I was 15.5st (217 lbs) and went down to under 10 st in the space of months due to a health problem! Since then the weight has came back on as I expected it to. Slowly at first after I left my active job. Then a few months ago I got the contraceptive arm implant and I've ballooned. To be fair I don't blame it all on the implant... my husband is in the RAF and we've been posted to Naples in southern Italy and I've been enjoying too much of the amazing food and cheap wine.

I'm currently at 13.3 st and have decided it's time to nip this in the bud before it gets out of control!

Hence my starting of the Slim Fast 321 plan. Going to hopefully keep to working out 4 times a week too. I'm excited and also anxious, as this is my first time losing weight the hard way. Wish me luck! :D
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Hi and good luck with your goal! We are quite simular with weight and height (although you are 2 inches taller than me) I started at exactly 13.3 too! (2 weeks ago) Will be following your diary, I have one in this section too. :)

Edited to say, I just noticed that our goal weights are exactly the same too! lol.
Hi there, we are very similar lol! You seem to be doing very well so far too, I'd love to lose 6lb in my first week. Not weighing myself til Saturday so fingers crossed.

Just been to the hospital today and found out I'm having my tonsils out in 3 weeks... well, that's going to dramatically increase my weight loss but I am really not looking forward to it, petrified in fact lol.
Oh dear, that wont be nice but you're right about the weight loss lol.
My weigh ins are on saturdays too, will be my 3rd weigh in this saturday. I have been naughty most weeks and have been weighing myself alot during the week...not this week though..have been strong lol.
lol I know what you mean! The scales were calling to me this morning, and I couldn't help it, decided to see how I'm getting along. I was amazed to see that I'm 4lbs down so far! Trying not to get too excited just in case they're broke or something lol but it's the first time I've seen myself under 13 stone in quite a long time.

I feel bad now because I had a "to hell with it" day yesterday... with the upcoming operation and reading that many people lose up to 20lbs in the following 2 weeks, I just indulged myself. Had a subway, non diet fanta, double chocolate chip cookies, a few bacardi and diet cokes! But now I think about it, other than that I only had a slimfast snack bar and wasn't hungry at all. Feels like my appetite is going down!

Can't wait to see how you are getting along! xx


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Hi Danielley, I'm new to Slim Fast too! I'll be starting my own diary once I've introduced myself to a few people on their own diaries :) It must be great to live in Italy, but I'd never be able to lose weight there as pasta is my favourite food! Lol. I'm also a serial weigher, but I'll be weighing in properly on Monday. Hoping to have lost a few lbs as I've stuck to it 100%! Looking forward to getting to know you :)
Hi everyone, haven't posted for a while!

Well, had my operation (tonsillectomy) and I spent the next two weeks being miserable and living on chicken broth, pudding and noodle soup. If I see another bowl of noodle soup again I don't know what I'll do, lol.

The big plus to the op is that I lost 16lbs in two weeks!! It's been 3 weeks since I had the op and for the last week my diet's been back to normal and I feel I have my strength back so I'm going to start on SlimFast again... I don't feel proud of the weight I've lost so far, feels like I've cheated. Everyone's saying they want to start the "tonsillectomy diet" lol!

Well... another 14lbs to lose before July! I'm hoping that's a reasonable goal.
Hi Daniella, I wouldn't feel like it was cheating, just see it as a good kick start, good luck on your journey with Slimfast! I have been on it for 4 & half weeks now and so far have lost 13 lbs, I find it fairly easy but like anything you need a bit of will power, can't wait to hear how u get on.:D


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Welcome back Danielle! I'm also back after a few weeks of absence, but unlike you, I haven't lost any weight while I've been away! I definitely don't think it's cheating, you've had to suffer for the three weeks, so don't feel guilty! Good luck getting back on track :)

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