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danni's diary here goes week 2!!!

hi every one its me danni here goes my 2nd week of TFR :)

im amazed at my self i see the world without a drink quite funny not that i considered my self at an alcho, lol

a few question to ask
tingling fingers?
sudden bloated stomarch?
constantley feeling sleepy?

above are some of the symptoms i have had how ever going out and dressing up has really helped me to focus on this week i think im still avoiding cooking for the boys if poss last night i was tempted to have a kebba but i didnt just focused and when staright to bed...

i bought some aloe vera tooth paste and gel to soothe my sore month my gums are rough as hell!! xxxx going to try get my head into the house work however sometimes could just curl up in to a ball till im thin:(.......
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constipation & constantly feeling sleepy - yes me too.
try and up your water intake to help with 'bathroom trouble'.. mine's improved since hitting 4l a day. or your pharmacy should stock fibreclear which would help.

well done for not having that kebab! :)

and you're so right about getting all dressed up.. really makes you feel better doesn't it :D

have you had your 1st weigh in? how did it go?
No babes not yet as I've been a little naughty has a trial go before starting official I survived 3 whole days the worst days ever then I took the plunge to carry on by going the chemist and joining properly I've kept track of my weight and since starting 7days on I've lost 10lbs so I'm very pleased however got weigh in this Tuesday with pharmacy!! But I'm worried with the sudden bloating and constipation so how's your weightless journey been so far??
awhh well glad you're on the wagon for real now :) i think it's one of those things where your head really needs to be in it to work but at least you're there now. and 10lbs is brilliant! maybe speak to the pharmacist about the constipation and you could be in with another big loss next week too :)

i'm going ok so far yeah, haven't really been hungry except last night but i think that's cause my water intake wasn't as spread out as usual. haven't really been having many cravings either which i'm REALLY surprised about. although had to accompany the boyfriend to dominoes tonight cause he wanted pizza.. that was pretty tough, especially cause it was buy one get one free. gah! but yeah, i'm so determined to get to a weight that i feel good about myself so ima try so hard to just suck it up and get this done once and for all.

good luck with the next couple of days! x
Day 9 hi every one hope you all have ha a great day not on here too long so I'll just give u a quick run down
Stomach loads better
Tingling in finger not noticed
Went shopping for one pair of trouser/Jean could find any u liked that fit my leg length (34inch)
Tried on a pair of skinny jeans from new look size 16 they DID NOT FIT I could even get them up my leg!! And there was me thinking I would come off the diet soon! NO CHANCE!!!
did go to TK MAXX and. Bought a pair of black jogger/ tight yoga trousers size 14 so me still happy lol I can't believe the drive I feel to get in a size 14 skinny jeans from new look I use to live in them how could I let this happen to me!! What a silly girl I have been!! I can really thank this diet for everything it's teaching me about myself
Lot of compliment received today even thou the other half says he can tell I'm like your a knob ive lost 12 pounds Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well I will show him give mr a long weekend at wrk a week thus Monday we will see what he's saying!!

Evening had a session of zumba, sorted kids out with pre school blah blahs I'm so glad I'm not in wrk till next Friday going to see Katy B in concert on Tuesday whoop whoop!! Anyways I feel Like I'm rambling!!


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You nutter! Have a lovely week and enjoy Katy B tomorrow - bet she is fab live :)
lol emma i know im a nutter!

day 10 how r u all feeling deflated today keep getting strong urges to eat something anything its seriously stressing me out i wouldnt say im hungry but getting them "fancy" feeling anyways im lookingn forward to my official weigh in tomorrow just hope i can make it throu the week withour tasting anything!


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Your weigh in will give you the boost you need. Be strong and it will pass - as they say drink some water!! We will soon be at goal, goodness I can't wait!! Xx
Hey everyone just been weighed 7lb loss in 7days whoop whoop that's 13lbs in 11days I'm so pleased struggling to keep the water intake up thou but I'll make up for it tonight at my concert!! Can't wait until next week when I see people from work lol xxx
Hi all cheers for the raise however don't feel too good proper depressed today must be on a come down from late night Katy b was amazing atmosphere was fantastic

Woe is me thou got mayor issues I'm lonely sado. With no friends none since starting the diet no ones interested there all going out drinking lunches with the girls and there me 30 miles away on me ones the more time I'm at home alone the harder this diet is getting I would use chocolate to make me feel better I can't think of anything better than a good movie in the day surrounded by snacks of feel good food tries to watch supersize vs superskinny earlier and I just wanted to gauge on what the bigger girl was eating uuurrrggggg!!! I should really be doing my nvq work but really can concentrate and water is crap uuurrrrrggghh vie only hit two to four more weeks to go but I'm just getting to the point where I'm going to give in!!!

Sorry to sound so un motivated cry cry cry!!!
Awww hun - Its really pants isn't it :( I too am starving and really craving everything. Stick with it and we'll get there....sending positive vibes xxxx
Hi Emma I'm ok I've been good not slipped yet I think I've established why I snack alot boredom and lack of hobbies and decent friends been on a website call netmums seen a few post for other mums who r lonely like me too I've message a couple so hopefully I will get replies I'm going to make a list of stuff to do tomorrow to keep me busy roll on Friday back at work xx how's your say been!!
Day 13 wow how good do I feel I'm 13stone flat omfg I never thought I see the day I'm so excited for my next weighing I'm going to be 12 stone something whoop whoop!! Bring it on I've sorted my bordom issue out making nee friend on netmums.com it's so refreshing knowing that I'm not the only billy no mates out there hopefully meet up with some other mums for a coffee next week something to look forward too lol

My word for today is stay 100% be good your almost there x

By for now xx
Day done and almost over night night y'all enjoy the feeling of a thinner you in the morning mwah xxx wish me luck first day on shift with my shakes no bars until Tuesday xxx
Hi Danni, glad everything is going well. My eating is out of boredom too - hubby away, no-one to keep check on how many times I go to the kitchen = huge bum!! So depressing :( Usually spend evenings on facebook or the like - maybe I should try netmums! xx


Goodgirlgonebad84 said:
Day done and almost over night night y'all enjoy the feeling of a thinner you in the morning mwah xxx wish me luck first day on shift with my shakes no bars until Tuesday xxx
Hi found you! Your doing really well,keep up the good work hun,it will be so worth it!
Sexy xx
Day 14 hey everyone I'm almost through my first day/shift at work and so far so good not touched any food just been shopping for food wanted to eat every thing lol well I'm looking forward to going home on Monday and weighing my self wasn't happy when the scales never changed from the day before Which always puts me on a downer
On a positive note I just made a home made chicken and veg pie for the staff and yp and didn't taste any of if it whilst preparing it just hope it taste nice to them lol
Counting the days Down hoping to start maintenance plan by end of the month fingers crossed xxx
haha well done for not tasting the pie! i haven't made any food for anyone yet.. scared i'd just eat some without thinking :s
and i know how you feel when the scales don't move.. sooooo disheartening. i can't wait for tomorrow morning so i know for sure how much i've lost this week. wish every day was a weigh in lol x
Thanks perfect how r u! Making the pie was actually interesting I eat when I'm bored I seem to feel like a massive head **** At the moment like I've said before all I wanna do is curl up into a ball until I reach my goal can't concentrate finding it really hard to concentrate but today I seem better by being busy at wrk two more shift days to go roll on Monday xxx

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