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  1. scoobydo

    scoobydo Member

    Hi guys!
    Im starting TS tomorrow after putting on the 4 stone I previously lost on SS Cambridge 6 years ago plus half stone =(
    Well here goes I am truly determind to shift this weight that is the only part of my life that saddens me. I have an amzing husband who loves me whatever I look like, kids that are fantastic and my animals that love me unconditionally. But the one who makes me sad is ME! So thats it, no more! here's to my new self and i'm sure my horses will appreciate much less weight on their backs I know I will when I don't look like a beach whale in my jodpurs. So please keep posting and you are so inspiring and i will stay focussed reading the blogs.
    Thanks for reading and good luck on your weight loss journey Jx:)
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  3. slimming_em

    slimming_em Full Member

    I'm the same although started today. My husband loves me no matter what and I have amazing children. Like you say it's just me who is not happy with my weight. How much do you want to lose? I've also done Cambridge about 6years ago, I was less heavy than I am now but I'm pretty determined as I've just had my third and last baby. Good luck!! x
  4. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Hi scoobydo and slimming em, welcome to the wonderful world of Exante!

    I felt the same as both of you, happy and in control of every aspect of my life but unable to sort my weight problem out. Was fed up with feeling so big and bulky, out of breath at the slightest thing, and sick of disappointing shopping trips where nothing fitted me. So I started Exante last July and have lost 8 stones so far.

    You'll know from doing Cambridge that it's hard for the first few days but does get easier.

    I feel so much better for losing the weight and am looking forward to going on holiday in a few weeks time. Last year I was wearing size 26 jeans and now in size 16 skinny jeans. Still a few stones to lose but feel so much happier and healthier.

    So good luck to you both, this forum is a lifeline and has helped me a lot so check in regularly and let us know how you are getting on.


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  5. slimming_em

    slimming_em Full Member

    Thanks Sparkley. You look amazing and have done incredibly well to lose 8 stone! I can't believe I need to lose at least 5stone to just about come into a healthy weight. Do you feel better health and moving about wise? Like stairs? I take the stairs at work (2 or 3 floors) but end up breathless no matter how often I do it.
    You're right about it being hard the first few days, I'm ok at the moment but think today & tomorrow will be the worst as weekends are when we usually treat ourselves to a meal out or sweets with the children etc. although I think the bars might be my salvation on exante as they seem quite filling and I've read you can have three a day of those as long as it's not all the newer type.
  6. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Hi Slimming_em

    How's it going?

    Thanks for the lovely message, I do feel so much better for losing the weight. I see we are a similar height (I'm 5'7"), I got down to 12st 5lb in my early 20s but struggled to keep at that weight. At that weight I was a size 12 and felt great, but just couldn't seem to keep my weight down. Over the years it's crept back on. This time I'm aiming for 13st 7lb, so will be just over 10 stones lost when I get there. At the moment I'm in a size 16 and feel so much better than when I was in a size 26. I'm nearly 50 now so not as worried about getting down to the elusive size 12 as I was back then!!

    I feel so much fitter and healthier - but I did start exercising from the first month (July 2013). I started off with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD and did that 5 days a week until Christmas. It has 3 levels, you are supposed to do 10 days on each level, but I stayed on each level until I could do it all before moving up to the next level... hence it taking so long! This year I've been doing the T25 workout which is more high intensity. I finished that two weeks ago. The exercise has made me feel a lot fitter and has made a massive difference to my thighs - I lost 11cm around my thigh in 10 weeks of doing T25! But the scales didn't move much and I read up about exercise and low carb diets and found it can affect your weight loss. I had seen several posts on here from people who said that exercising had stopped their weight loss too. So for the past two weeks I haven't exercised and it seems to have given my losses a kick start - 4lb off this week.

    I don't regret the exercise - it made me feel so much better, but I think I will leave off it now until I'm at goal, then reintroduce it, along with carbs, to maintain my weight.

    We took our niece to Drayton Manor theme park at the weekend and it felt great to not only not be out of breath all the time, but to not feel so big and cumbersome. It's made a huge difference to my energy levels, we used to have our niece to stay for a weekend and I would be totally shattered (she's 7 and full of it!), but this weekend I really noticed how I was able to keep up with her.

    Good luck with it, let me know how your first week goes.

  7. slimming_em

    slimming_em Full Member

    I had a bit of a false start then got back on but took me a couple of days to get my head round it to be honest. I'm down a total of 9.5lbs and have been really strict with myself. The last 4 days I have been 100% so now I'm past the most difficult bit should be ok. Friday evenings are my worst - my husband and I both work full time with three children so Fridays evenings for a long time have been takeaway and bottle of wine. It's a habit more than anything but one that is years in the making.
    I'm trying to focus on the next few days first and depending on the weather might get everyone out for a walk or something friday to keep my mind off that bottle of wine !
    How are you doing? I would love to be a size 12 again but like you I struggled to maintain at that size. Hoping to get there again :) x
  8. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    Hey all

    I also did cambridge 4 years ago and lost around 5 stone in 4 1/2 months. Maintained for 6 months then fell really ill, think due to being hospitalised then on meds for 18 months slowly the weight crept back on.

    So I started Exante last year and lost a few stone, maintained this over the summer and winter and restarted end of Jan again this year for phase 2 of my weight loss. Am trying to do it more gradually this time round as seem to maintain it better than how I did it with cambridge.

    Hope everyone's still going strong x
  9. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Hi Em, fantastic loss, bet you're really pleased with that!

    Stayed the same this week but not been 100% on plan. Mega busy at work at the moment and working late - 11pm finish last night and 7am start today! So have that thing going on where you want to comfort eat. Had curry on Monday night but just had chicken tikka with salad to avoid carbs.

    I go away in 2 weeks so hoping to lose a few more lbs by then but will not be too disheartened if I don't as feel a lot better at size 16 than I did when I went away last year at size 22.

    Fingers crossed for you getting through Friday night. My OH always wants a Friday night takeaway - reckons we deserve it after a long and busy week! My bum won't thank me for it tho!!

  10. slimming_em

    slimming_em Full Member

    Hi Sparkley

    Good idea on the tikka only to avoid carbs. I have had a rough weekend again. Wasn't really hungry but my DH came in with Chinese food and a bottle of wine (because I deserved it after the week we had had). He doesn't do it on purpose but he has never really understood my struggle with weight. He is slim and eats terribly to be honest but if he wanted to lose weight all he would have to do is drop a few meals in one week and he'd be half a stone down. Ridiculous. Obviously he says he loves me as I am too and doesn't know why I want to lose weight but as I said at the beginning I am doing it for me and how I feel about myself when I look in the mirror.
    Going to have a chat with him tomorrow about Fridays nights as that leads to Saturdays for me too.
    Know what you mean about work - I'm not working as late as that but have started working until 8am til 7pm once or twice a week to catch up on various tasks which means I don't tend to see my toddler those nights because she's in bed when I get in. My baby usually wakes up once more and my eldest I usually get half hour with before she goes too so at least it's not all of them every night but it can make me emotional and feel guilty :-/ I do head for the biscuits when I work longer days ... Don't know why. Guess it's comfort like you say.
    Back on 100% tomorrow :) found out we have a works do in the middle of July and would love to wear something that I'm not covering up my wobbly arms and baby pouch belly! Haha xx
  11. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    Sorry to hear you had a tough weekend slimming_em, but sounds like a good idea to have a chat with your partner about getting him on board xx
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